Are you exclusive to one style? why (or why not)?


Alright, hi folks.

I kinda felt guilty for posting some nonsense in today’s “BEST” topics, so I figured I’d start a discussion about something that kinda bugs me for a while.

So this discussion is for people who decided to stick to one style only. It’s based on my own experience as I, a few months ago, decided to stick to 5A and just stop throwing 1A for good (at least for the time being)

Obviously, the main reason is that I like 5A more than 1A, it just feels more natural to me. One of the other reasons is that I just can’t deal with string tension anymore (not saying there’s no string tension issues in 5A, but at least the way I play it, it stays to a playable minimal and it’s easily dealt with)

One of the other reasons is that, to my knowledge, it makes me the only 5A exclusive player in my country (some others do 5A, some better than me even, but it’s not their main style)

And last but not least, the more I focus on 5A, the more my friends who started at the same time, are becoming very good in 1A, there’s no way I could even dream of keeping up now (I know it’s not the point, but still, I like to at least keep up)

Someone brought something interesting to my attention, is that by playing within the limitations of 1A, I’d be able to be more creative and get more ideas in 5A as well, which kinda makes sense, but I’m just not enjoying 1A at all for now.

So my question is the following: Are you also exclusive to one style in particular, if yes, why, if no, why not?


I am not. I like having fun with 4a and 5a but I’m terrible at them. 2a is another thing I have fun with but I stink at that too. I love 1a and am best at that. It will more than likely stay that way too.

Great thread BTW.


I’m new but what caught my eye really was 1A stuff. Now that I’m “into it”, 5A and 4A have me interested, but I’ll see where things take me as I’m not ready for either. I want to be able to do some 2A and 3A as well.

So, for now, it’s 1A. After that, I’ll start to experiment with 5A once I get better at the 1A stuff. Once I kind of have the concepts of 5A down, I’m going to try 4A. 4A looks like a lot of fun.

I don’t want to be exclusive. There are certain styles I would like to be more proficient at.

(Troy(oyo) #4

1a is probably my best/favorite
5a is a close secondd
3a is fun, but too challenging to me to do too often
4a I have tried to pick up a few times, just never been very good at it nor have I had too much fun with it. More of a diabolo guy anway.
2a I have yet to try, it looks fun, but will be a lot of work.


you bring up an interesting point, when I started 5A, some people told me that it was “too soon” (something like 5 or 6 months after I started throwing).
and sometimes I see kids who already play good 1A and are instantly good in 5A but for the most part, they play very “traditional” 5A in general (like E fans, beesting combos and whatnot).

the thing is, and this is my opinion, based on the very little knowledge I have in general about yoyoing. 5A is a relatively new style, as I struggled with the basics (and I still am), it forced me to look into different stuff in order to keep progressing, which is why I went for more “tech”-ish tricks rather than the more “traditional” 5A, now I’m more or less stuck with it (I don’t mind as I like it).

But I can’t think of many players who are 100% exclusive. I never seen jon rob throw anything else than 5A, never seen markmont throw anything else than 1A.

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Doesn’t JonRob throw a short 1a combo in the Gold Pure video? Idk, if this really counts, but I think he does some frontstyle whilst sitting on a subway or a bench.


I do mostly 1a but occasionaly some 4a because I think that it is fun to do.


yeah same here … 1a…is my main … and sometimes 4a … and i tried 5a … not that good, i think i got stuck in bee sting lol


well I mostly do 1a like everyone else but I have done some 4a and 5a and learned most of the basic tricks here on yye, and I’m planning on getting another yomega fireball so I can do 2a aswell (I’ve been practicing basic looping with both hands)


My main style is 1a and I feel like I am going to be better at that compared to the other styles. However, I do have an interest in 4a and when I get enough money I will be getting a new offstring yoyo as my next yoyo because I really enjoy the style of 4a and how much it impresses people who don’t yoyo.


I play pretty much only 1a because when i first got involved with yoyoing that was really all i ever heard about. It was string tricks, string tricks, string tricks. I tried 5a but didnt really get too far into that. 1a just seems to be the most popular style. I wish i was more into the other styles but i cant seem to get myself interested in them.


2A was my first style so I’m pretty comfortable with it in fact, two a comes more naturally to me then any other style but it’s not favorite style.

1A is the thing that first thing that really got me into yoyoing; when I first saw someone doing complicated 1A string tricks I was questioning reality and decided that I had too learn it.

4A and 5A too me are pretty much based off of my 1A style except I can be more creative but I usually only do these when I’m bored.

3A is impossible for me. I saw it at PNWR in 2009 and wanted to learn it but wasn’t coordinated enough too use my left hand so I restrained myself for yoyoing only with my left hand for several weeks until I was as good with my left hand as with my right. However I was still not coordinated enough too use them both at the same time so I decided too just drop it.


As of right now, I am only doing 1a. As I er better I would like to try 4a, then 3a, then 5a. 2a doesn’t realy interest me, at the time that is.


tried some 3A (well with CW because I didn’t want to use 2 extra strings), it seems insanely difficult unless you got a perfectly straight throw on both hands.

tilt management is just near impossible, 3A throwers are heros, not even mentioning the good ones

about jon rob, I’d have to check out that vid, I have it on my PC somewhere, I remember the FS trick. But as it’s a video and he’s sitting, it might be some 1A tricks even tho he might hold the CW.

I take it for any 5A player, 1A basics are easy, but once you get into more complicated tricks (in either styles) I find them very hard if not impossible to “translate” from 1A to 5A


I plan to eventually be able to play every style. Not necessarily well, just some basics. Mainly, though, I play 1a and 5a.


I really want to get in 2A and 4A, but right now, I setting my priorities toward school and acoustic guitar. I also want to get wider shoulders so I’m working out a bit. So for as of now, only 1A.

Plus, 3A seems really, really, really difficult for a clumsy person like me. Don’t want to get some scratches too :PP


I like to do all styles, I consider this to be an Ironman Yoyoing.

1a is the one I started doing and this applies to every style, so this is my best style. Not to forget that this is the most simple and easy to be creative with.

2a is the style I have the most difficulties with, I can two hand loop, yet it still attempted wraps. I need to work on coordinating one hand while the other is doing something else, although I can pull off Ride the horse.

3a is becoming my favorite style, I enjoy this style because it is very challenging and not many people do it as compared to the other style. Not to mention that people who don’t Yoyo find this to be very
interesting,(not to say that the other styles are not).

4a is a style that I’m good at, but I don’t do much. Whips and catches are not much of an issue, it’s just that it’s not that focusing at it and you really need some space in order to utilize it fully.

5a is what I’ll throw if I’m not doing 1a or 3a. I do like this style because 1a really does apply to this more than the other styles.

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I do a little of everything.
1A: I have been doing it the longest, and it isn’t that hard (always LOL).
4A: Tied with 1A for my favorite. It is super fun and comes natural to me.
5A: Not very good at this, but its fun to mess around.
3A: Just beginner/intermediate player but more will come.
2A: I can 2 hand loop, ride the horse, do a bunch of ATW variations, and fake tangler. Thats it. seriously. Quit bothering me. Now!!!

(Big Mike) #19

Back in the day I threw mainly 1A, with a lot of 5A and 3A mixed in. Since getting back into the scene, I don’t have much desire to keep up with 5A but I’ve become a lot more interested in 4A (and am afraid to invest in 3A). Still mainly 1A though. It’s just easier to practice.


So far, I’m best at 1a. But I would like to make 3a my main.