What's your style of play?

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I do 1A. I hope to learn 5A, and 2A soon.


My main style is 5A, but lately I’ve been doing more 1A and 2A than usual. I do throw some occasional 4A, but I only know about 6 tricks.

1a and sometimes offstring and once in a great while counterweight.

1A then 1/2 A :smiley:

Mostly I do 1A and 2A. I do little 4A and rarely 5A.

I only do 1A, but I want to learn 2A and 5A. I’m hopeless in any other style besides 1A, though, so…

Now Im doing 5a more than anything…But Just yesterday I made a new trick that really got me into 1a alot more

While it may not be my best style, I love playing 2A.

Its the style of yoyoing that takes most of my yoyo time.

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1A/2A. I like Pulse yoyos for 2A, and eight8eights for 1A.

I do 1a, 4a, and 5a. I might eventually want to learn 2a, but I’m really working on getting better at 1a so I can enter a trick ladder contest sometime.

1A, 2A, 4A, 5A

I usse to do 3A, but it got really boring.

4A and 1A.

4A by a little bit more…

moebius. triobius. offbius. Astrobius. Dual string moebius.


You beast. :wink:

Right now I’m just focusing on my 1A. I have looped a little bit though and really like it, so I’ll probably hit that next. Then it will probably be 3A. That intrigues me… As of right now, I still see 1a as my main style.

I’ve been doing 1A since the start, but I’m starting to switch to 4A as my main style.

Yeah 4A!

I love 4A… so much better than anything else in the world…

Maybe not Peanut Butter...

1a and 3a