Doing all style?

I was wondering how many Yoyo players here try to do all main styles of yoyoing?

When I was back in Korea there are many newer players who tend to focus on 1A play style but not on the other 4 which I feel is a shame. Our contest will have many 1a players but only a small handful for other division (except 4a which is seem to be growing)

I learned the basics of all styles but I now mainly focus on 1a 3a and 4a

That’s pretty much the norm here as well.

I like to have the equipment for all 5 styles, but I mostly do 1a because I feel I have the most skills and I can do a wider variety of tricks. I probably do 5a the most after 1a

I learned all the basics of all the styles because 1a got boring for me personally. I never had a real set of 3a yoyo’s but I did manage the basic tricks with whatever similar weighted yoyos I had. 4a was pretty limited, I broke a lot of things, but still managed to have a lot of fun with it in the house and in the yard. 2a was fun but always ended up tangled, and 5a I put a lot of time into and got decent at.

I would relate it to swimming. A lot of swimmers (high school/college) prefer to swim freestyle over butterfly simply because it’s easier to learn and master and they know they can preform well in that style, I hated being out of breath and coming in last place for the hardest stroke when I knew I could win in the easier strokes.

I dabble around in all the styles and can do quite a bit in each style. I think the longer you play the more you experiment in the other styles to add variety and keep things interesting.

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I play all the styles 1a,4a and 5a is my best but I like doing 2a and 3a as well

Nice to see people here do some other styles as well :slight_smile:
I feel what many say about other styles being more difficult and sometimes feeling a bit foreign where 1a is the base point where most will feel the most comfortable. Hoping more will practice breaking out of the comfort zone sometime :slight_smile:

I have been yo-yoing everyday for almost a year now. Maybe for my 2nd year, I’ll try 5a.

I do mainly 2A with 1A, and very little of the rest, like 65% 2A, 25% 1A, 10% 3A-4A-5A.
I feel like, when you want to be really good at one certain division, you need to do it at least 50% of the time you’re playing, except when you play a lot (like 4 hours+ a day) then you ‘might’ be good at more than one division.
Unless your name is Takeshi Matsuura, Shinji Saito, or Hajime Miura.

Most people I know who do 3+ divisions usually don’t excel at any of them, or do one division really good but the rest are close to basics.
In countries where yoyoing is still developing (like Indonesia), there are very few who can do either 2A-5A, and the majority do 1A and most smaller contests are 1A only.
When someone is really good at say 4A, usually he/she plays it so much or almost exclusively.

I do a mixed freehand, 1A style. I learned 4A, and 3A basics, but didn’t really enjoy the styles. I like 2A, but it doesn’t’ work out well for me, as I tend to throw for like 1 or 2 minutes at a time, tons of times a day. I also tend to be in heavily packed areas and can’t really do 4A and 3A or even 2A much because they take up too much space.

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I get you; I used to be a competitive swimmer too :slight_smile: