different styles

Well ive been yoyoing for a little more than a month now, and i hav learned every 1a trick at this site and alot from other sites, so i switched to 5a. Then i learned all the 5a may tricks, and i want to try a different style. I don’t have enough money to buy another yoyo or 2 yoyos for 3a, so should i go to 2a or 4a. im leaning towards the 4a side since ive been diaboloing as long as i can remeber, but ive also been doing glowstring and poi for quite awhile, which should i try next?

wow your really good for 1 month :o if your done learning tricks there also is the possibility of making your own tricks/combos. And for 2a/4a issue seems like you have had experience in both styles so pick the one that look more fun/interesting

From what you said I can give you this advice:

If you want to learn something completely new then go with 2A.
If you want to use past experiences to help in learning something new then go with 4A.

This is still all about preference.

For 2A you’d need to buy two decent yo-yos which might be in the $30-$50 range.
A good offstring yo-yo is basically the same price.

Would you rather learn how to loop or use your diabolo skills in learning offstring?
From your learning speed I would predict that you will learn both of them and probably master all the YoYoExpert tricks for them in the near future.

Therefore, the question is which of those two would you prefer to learn first?

thanks for the replies, i think im going to go with 4a first because i know im going to want to do both eventually, but i have to at least get comfortable with one before moving on to the second one, and 2a seems like its going to take a long time before i can get comfortable enough to move on.

thanks for the compliments, ive always liked juggling and hand manipulation, and i have tried making combos, but im not that amazing at combos. ask me to do a trick, i could do it anytime. but inventing new tricks, never gonna happen.

btw, i noticed all of us have the same favorite yoyo: protostar!

A little more than a month? Then, what were you doing from February to May?

If you want to you can start doing 2a for the loop 900 reward

That seems like a great decision.
… and the ProtoStar is awesome!

If you want to start 2a, Icthus is selling his pair of Relics. You can’t find them much at all, but they’re pretty sweet loopers. $20 for the pair.

However, if you’ve really only been yoyoing for about a month and can already “do” all the tricks on this site, I think you need to go back through and try them with a semi responsive yoyo. If you can really “do” all the tricks with an unresponsive yoyo, then you should be able to do them with a responsive yoyo.

do both… get two loopers and use an old plastic… thats what i did

You need two yoyos for 2A. :wink:

This link has a pair of Relics, very nice loopers, for only $20. You could offer a little more, but still that’s a very good deal. You also just can’t find Relics much.

Also if you buy them, you can help Icthus save his house! I think it’s a good thing to do, and you can rely on Icthus. What are you waiting for? :wink: