Learn 1A or 5A first?

Since I’m still kinda new to yoyo’s I wanna ask the question. Should I learn 1A first or 5A? I’ve been learning 1A for Three months now but I would like to start trying some 5A too. On the yoyo exert tricks list I just started doing Advanced 1 tricks about a week ago with little improvement. Is it too early to start 5A or is it all up to the person and there abilities? I’m just wanting some opinion on whats best.

I suggest continuing with more 1a first. It’s better to have a solid comprehension of 1a before moving to 5a, as it makes doing 5a easier.

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Go for it!

I don’t see why not.

A solid 1A helps, sure, but it’s fun to switch from one to the other.

I am kinda new to both styles, but I enjoy them just the same.

For a slong as you have fun. Just go for it.

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Might as well give it a try. It’s always fun to switch up styles, and 5a is a relatively easy one to start with. I don’t suggest beginners to try 3a or 4a, but it is possible.

I think it’s a personal preference really. You can only benefit from learning 1A, as well as have the safety of the yo-yo being attached to your hand. But you can learn everything that’s 1A with 5A as well. I’ve known a couple people that started with 5A never attached the yo-yo to their hand more then a couple times. (They didn’t apparently like feel of the string on their finger after extended play)

Hmmm, heres what i’d suggest. Keep doing 1a. It will inevitably get a little boring and tiresome after a while. So instead of taking a break from yoyoing all togethor, practice 5a.

i had the same problem… i decided to try some 5a and it actually improved my 1a i was able to do tricks that always gave me trouble but whatever you decide as long as your having fun!

And if that doesn’t work try playing Astrojax, Diabolos or any other skill toy… in the end you will probably come back to yoyoing but you will learn something new. And each of those toys has things that you can learn and take back to yoyoing. :smiley:

you should start with 1a
but then later on you can start 5a