When did you guys start learning 5a ?

I started 5a since I learn the advanced trick ‘The Matrix’ and then I was like never playing 1a.
I want to know what are the basic requirements before start learning 5a? I stuck at learning underleg trapeze as I have difficulty learning the one and a half mount x_x Should I go back to learn the basics?

I actually started when I could do Trapeze and His Brother Slack but I really didn’t pick up until just about 4 or 5 months ago right before I took a big break.
Basic tricks: 360, Reverse 360, Nunchuck, One-Hand Under Mount, and Windmill. Learn those and you are in good shape.

I started 5a back in 2007. I started yoyoing in 1998. In my case, I knew how to do tons of mounts and tricks, in general, so when I started 5a I was just tying the counterweight and letting go. Even with all that, it’s still challenging.

With that being said, it’s probably a good idea to learn a lot of 1a stuff first. But still, just mix it up. Try the mounts in 1a and 5a and if then just keep trying. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Personally I got too boring with 1a and the main reason i bought an unresponsive yoyo is becoz of 5a :S