Give up in 1A and focus on 5A??


The last trick I learnt in 1A is The Matrix, which means a very basic level of skill.
But the problem is I kinda bored of 1A and its not my purpose of yo-yoing, so I go 5a very soon, but then it takes me a long time to learn 360 and pinwheel and it almost takes me a week in learning 720!!! I found myself very stubborn on 5a tricks, should I stop 5a at this moment and learn more of 1A style or should I give up 1A and focus mainly on 5a?? Please, I need your advices!


theyre not mutually exclusive, do whatever you feel like doing, and if youre not having fun, stop.


Every good 5a player is good at 1a


Not necessarily true…
Only 5a player that can really compete in high levels of competition of 1a are takeshi matsuura lol.


Not necessarily true…
I have yet to see a great 5a player that can’t do awesome 1a tricks.

Same with 4a


Isn’t Tyler Severance much better ??? ??? Is he once champion of 1a and 5a? I don’t remember well.


I’m sort of in the same boat. In 1a im working on cold fusion, iron/jade whip, and starting to get into wrist mount combos. But I love the idea of 5a. I agree with the general consensis of this thread. 1a is your basic play style. I don’t think you have to master it, but everything you learn (save 2a) will stem from 1a play. As someone who still is just starting on serious yoyoing, I have to recommend continuing with 1a training. That doesn’t mean stop working on 5a untill you can do the ladder, I’m just saying respect the basics. You gotta crawl before you can run.


I’m certain there are almost 0 5a players that vow to never touch a slip knot again


You still use a slip knot to tie your counterweight…

Ps. I’ve been practicing nothing but pinwheels all week. If my girlfriend wasn’t bored with me yoyoing before… She sure is now.


This is what I experience too! I practiced pinwheels for several days and then 360 for 4 days , 720 for more than a week!!! I am worried I have learning disability! Is it really normal for a 16yo like me to take a week on one basic trick!!!