Can I Learn 5a gameplay without mastering 1a?

I started playing a month ago, or a month and 4 days to be exactly my current skill level is advanced part 2. I kinda know basic mounts. But I saw a 5a gameplay and I think that I wanted to do that so I want to ask people who are more experienced in yoyoing especially 5a players.

you can do anything at any skill level really, having a certain level of higher skilled concepts down will help you in any kind of yoyo’ing.

If you wunna try 5a, go for it, you may enjoy it more, decide to play it more and gain a different skill set to what you would by practicing 1a (5a has always eluded me, I suck with catching the CW).

5a will teach you string control during the first few mounts/catches you learn, than you will learn from most of YYE’s learn section, at least I felt like it did because you have to learn to control the string for the CW to move the way you want it to.

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you don’t have to do any style to learn any other style. so yeah, go ahead and try 5a.

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actually this is my second day on playing 5a, and I also suck at catching counter weights, while practicing pinwheels the dice counterweight accidentally hit my face hahaha, and I switched to bouncy ball counter weight, now i can do pinwheels one at a time but not continuous. I think it’s really normal to suck at catching counter weights on the beginning, because I have on my mind on my first two days of yoyoing, I can’t even do a Split Botom Mount, the yoyo always hit my throw hand that makes it stop spining so I always have to wind up unresponsive yoyo or sometimes I land on both string. But after a couple more days of practice I was able to do it and learned my first trick, which is the mach 5. And in my opinion I think this also applies on 5a learning :smiley:

anyway, thank you for advice and now I have made my mind and try focus on 5a learing.

Seriously, that is the best thing you could have done. Playing with a dice when you start out really sucks. The amount of times I thought I had broken a knuckle 'cause the dice hit it too hard is uncountable.

stick to it, and have fun :slight_smile:
5a is a pretty fun style, I really gotta learn more of it eventually.

have you looked at all the other styles as well? I personally enjoy 4a the most.

I just watched 4a gameplay now and I also never thought that yoyo can be played not attached to the string, It’s very cool, but I don’t have a yoyo for 4a gameplay. maybe I just focus on 5a. I will try 4a as soon as I can buy my 4a yoyo. :slight_smile:

I got into 4a by using a YYF whip and with a slim bearing in it. It wasn’t great for it, but I got the basic throw/catch down and a couple hoping moves and decided that 4a was for me.

If you have access to a slim bearing, give it a go in a plastic yoyo and just see if you enjoy it. Might save you a few bucks if you don’t like it.

My whip has crack on it, I got it when i was practicing plastic whip and I accidentally hit the floor, since it is my first yoyo, I want to treasure It because it’s ann connolly whip haha, my current yoyo is adegle PSG.