When to start 5a.

Is there a right amount of 1a skill I should have before I start 5a? I can bind and I’m in the middle of advanced 1. Can I just jump right into it 5a or should I wait?

You can start right now… You can bind so you can jump into unresponsive 5A…

Its alot of fun so have fun!

Whenever you feel you’re ready. Do it, see if you like it. If so, keep doing it. If not, wait some time.

Okay cool. Whats a good starting 5a yoyo? I’m about to buy a legacy… Is that okay?

You can generally do it with any 1A yoyo you have.

The Legacy will work amazing. But if you have a Dv888 (Assumed from Fav. YoYo thingy), that’ll work fine as long as you play over carpet.

5A is lots of fun.

I wish you good luck. Also, some inspirement:

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should know mount such as trapeze 1 and a half mount. Double or nothing trapeze and his bro

Yes you can, Why not?, I recommend to Learn Split The Atom For Atomsmasher

And the mounts Double or Nothing, Houdini mount 1/2 Mount and etc.

In my own experience, 5A really needs controlling the motion, keep it stable.

But first, I’ll leave you my new fave 5A Video

5A megapost


Everything you need to start playing 5A



Magic knot







Hyper Pendulum


Maple Syrup




And so many more!~


That’s not a word :stuck_out_tongue:

Get some spell check. Its inspiration.

There is not any “required” amount of yo-yo prowess that is a prerequisite for freehand or 5A.

You can start whenever you have a good idea. Then, just make it happen.

You can copy all of the stuff you see above… but they you would just be good at doing other people’s tricks. These “other-peoples tricks” are a great measuring stick to prove to yourself that you have made progress, and they DO have their use.

But your own tricks will be more fun.


in 3…2…1…NOW!!!

Or it’s experiment! lol

I know it makes no sense but what the heck!

Okay thanks everyone =) I’ll stick with 1a until my Legacy gets here though.

Much obliged :wink: