Questions regarding 5a

So, I have been throwing for about a week now (bought a DMII to get started and use the speed bearing it came with) and I have got half of the tricks on Interediate down so far. When I first decided to get into yoyos, I was really interested in using the couterweights.

My question is, when is it a good time to start attempting 5a stuff? I do really like 1a, but using couterweights is one of my primary goals.

All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I started on my 2nd day! I mean im horrible at counterweight but still

If you think you’ll like it, there isn’t a set time to start 5A. It may even be better to start 5A before you get good at 1A style doesn’t rub off on your 5A

Id say when you can proficiently maneuver the yoyo and feel in control of what is happening is the right time for starting 5a.

I’d say start after you have mastered advanced part 1

I just wish I could figure out how to throw it harder.

Give it a try right now!!! You might catch on right away, or maybe not!

There is no right time. 5A, as well as all different styles, all require skill. You won’t have to replace your knowledge of 1a, but more or less add on to it :wink:

So, if you want to start, go ahead. It’s all up to you.

This. Is the most truth in this thread.