Anyone here do 5a?

Mid-December will be my 1 year anniversary for 1a (So far I have thrown everyday 8)). I think I’ll try 5a for my 2nd year (If I stick with 1a, I may get a little bummed that my progress will slow down-- no more noob gains). Anyways, I was wondering:

  1. Do you like 5a more than 1a, why or why not?
  2. Is 5a easy to get the hang of?
  3. Will I end up hitting myself in the face with the counterweight often? ;D
  4. Any tips/advice you want to add


Hi. I mostly play 5A. I think it’s a good idea to switch between styles when you feel bored or like you’re not making much progress. Steve Brown said something like that before; that learning everything helps you learn everything else, or something like that.

To answer your questions:

  1. I like 5A more than 1A because I like having to focus on both the counterweight and the yoyo moving at the same time. It also feels more acrobatic than 1A. Not that 1A can’t be acrobatic, it just seems more technical and dense than 5A, most of the time.

  2. I don’t know if I would say that it’s easy to get into. I think it just depends on your ability to focus on two things, and understand the paths they both have to follow to accomplish a trick.

  3. You will for sure sure hit yourself a lot. Maybe not right away with basic stuff, but as you improve and you get things to move faster, it’s going to happen.

  4. Have fun. Make sure your string is an appropriate length, it’s harder to get things to move with the right timing if your string is too long. Basically, if you’re having a tough time pulling things together, try shortening your string a bit.

That’s all I can think of. I know it’s really long. Hopefully it’s as helpful as it is long, and if not, hopefully it’s easy to skip.

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It took me two weeks to learn 5a. You’ll like it. Use the bouncy ball cw. They don’t hurt so much.

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I also wonder if I’ll accidentally let go of the counterweight and end up tossing my yoyo haha

Oh yeah that’ll happen. It still happens to me when I’m not paying enough attention

Also do you guys recommend a yo-yo for 5a? On some other site, they have a yo-yo that comes with a counterweight that has a ball bearing in it to keep the string tension neutral (Prevents the counterweight from twisting the string)

Atlas and Master Galaxy their width helps you to hit when the yoyo goes aerial they have great rim and center weight that’s my opinion#you should watch Jake Elliot WYYC 2015

And I have some of the counter weights you are talking about they are great my favorites. One of them comes with the Atlas.

I say that any 1a throw can be used for 5a. I just use my favorite. That’s why I own several of what I like.
I don’t belive that there’s any magic 5a throw. Throw what your used to or by A FHZ.They are cheap.

Use a throw u don’t mind dropping to start with and ultra weights are awesome but overpriced. Bouncy balls feel so much better when they hit ur hands and sometimes face

I was considering the Canon, comes with an ultra weight and costs $45

I agree canon is a good yoyo as well

I’m sure the canon is a fine yoyo. I’m just saying u don’t need a special throw just a counterweight

Pretty much there is no need to buy better Yoyos for 5a until you are ready to go more extreme just order a counterweight pick up a yoyo you got and attach the counter weight and your set

I just want to make sure the counterweight is 1/6th of the yoyos weight. I believe that’s what it is supposed to be.

It doesn’t matter all that much in the beginning. Don’t worry so much, just have fun

That stuff doesn’t matter at all. Just like people like different weight throws, they also like different weight counterweights, so the 1/6th thing is like out of date by at least 10 years.


Yeah if I’m likely going to drop/throw the yo-yo; I should probably buy a plastic throw. I like my first base and Skyva. I may buy another one of those.

He would know.

  1. My favorite style is currently 2a, though I can do a fair bit of all 5 competition styles. I don’t necessarily like 5a more than 1a, but it’s a very different feel (when doing proper 5a tricks). Sometimes I just get on a kick where I like the feel and learn a bunch of new tricks. Variety is the spice of life, experimenting with different styles keeps things interesting, fun, and challenging.

  2. Depends on the element. If you have decent 1a skills then it shouldn’t be too hard for the most part.

  3. Yes. I got myself last night as I was dinking around with a new trick combo. Bouncy ball weights are the softest, but can get “sucked” into the yoyo if they get too close. You can also sand down a Duncan die to round the edges and make it a little less punishing.