5A vs 1A?

Hey all! So when I started yo-yoing I looked at 5A and 1A and saw them as basically the same, except one could do more. So I put counterweights on all my yo-yos figuring I’d learn mostly 1A tricks and a bit of 5A to accent it. I’m not wondering if there’s anything 1A can do that 5A can’t, other than mobius. What do you all think?

You can do mobius with 5a, and having to hold your counterweight all the time holds you back from doing better tricks and it also reduces spintime by giving weaker throws.

Using a counterweight only gives you weaker throws if you have a weak throw with a counterweight.

1A and 5A are not “basically the same”, as the point of counterweight play is to release the weight and utilize both ends of the string at the same time.

While you can muscle through a fair amount of 1A while holding a counterweight, it’s neither optimal nor beneficial to do so.

Basically, use the equipment you have in the optimal set-up for what you want to do, and you’ll find that you can spend more time working on the tricks and less time compensating for your setup.


Btw this guy ^^^ invented 5a. He is a genius.

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And a destroyer of 888’s Shutters and AG1’s…


I would do this^

Get two yoyos, a cheap one for 5a and use the current one for 1a. Learn tricks using each, but not both styles together.

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I have been doing a lot of 1A stuff with a 5A configuration and I don’t completely disagree, but I do completely get where you’re coming from. It really is more beneficial to go at the style with the right mindset and configuration.

I do have a question, since I’m trying to get a bit further in 5A:
Are there certain tricks for 5A that may be a but more beneficial to learn towards the beginning to help develop the skills? As for myself, I’m having a hard time doing more than one thing at a time. It’s definitely making 5A a greater challenge.

True. But it is troublesome to play otherwise.

I cant get past the badic stall in 5a. It always goes more than twice around the yoyo and i can’t make it swing the other way.

A massive amount of 5a play is in the motion of your hands, beyond just manipulating string segments. Try moving the hand you’re stalling with in the direction the yoyo is traveling - that should slow down the counterweight.

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… then after it slows down move your hand the other way.

Just work your way through these, in order.


Thank you. Very much appreciated. I think a lot of others have been looking for this link for a bit.

I actually downloaded those a while ago. I’ll get to it.