How to improve in 5a?

Does anybody has any tips on how to improve on 5a?

exactly what point are you at in 5a? I decided to try my hand at a little of all the styles about a week ago. I just want to get a grasp of what each style has to offer by learning some basic tricks in each style. I can do 7-8 loops on right hand on average, 3 on left, and im working on getting both individually for 2a and rking on looping both hands at the same time… i can do velvet rolls for 3a, im having trouble with 4a wince i dont have a proper 4a yoyo, i can just do the toss and catch badically… and i pretty much git down the basic tricks for 5a. If ur on the intermediate-advanced section i cant help u with 5a xD

Miguel Correa has put together some amazing tutorials for both 1A and 5A. He uses a really nice style with video effects to understand what’s going on.

The only tips I can really offer, I hardly play 5a so I’m not geat at it.

Use a bouncy ball as your counter weight, makes it easiest on the hands if you hit your knuckles.

Make sure your counter weight and yoyo weigh nicely together, Not sure if it’s true but most people look for CW’s around 30% of the weight of the yoyo.

Don’t use a long string, while your learning to control the CW and the yoyo together a short string will work wonders, make it about 2-3 inches shorter than a usual length string (You may want to play around with string length, everyone’s different)

Make sure your yoyo is decent for 5A, I use a code 2 as mine, a nice full sized stable throw. Ask about yours and you’ll get the answer you’re looking for, Keep in mind some throws just aren’t great for certain styles.

Probably some of the best advice I ever received: watch allot of freestyles.
Start in 2004 and move forward.
You will see many ideas and concepts that you may have never thought of before, plus, inspiration.

Good luck!



Practice. That is key. You can’t be taught counter weight control, you need to feel it, develop the technique yourself. You WILL improve.
While you want a stable yoyo, having a yoyo that doesn’t want to sit dead on the string is more important.

Will a yyf severe(2012) work well for 5a?

The delrin one? It might be a bit light, but it would definitely work.