Good to start with?

So 3rd of july is my birthday so i decided to ask my parents for some yoyos.(keeping in mind i got around 15 unresponsive ones) They said i have too many but i hardly convinced them to buy me 2 yoyos,telling them they are not quite like the ones i have. So i got 1x YYF LOOP 1080 and 1x YYF FLIGHT. I would have ordered some starter yoyos for each category (2A and 4A) but these were preety much the only 2A and 4A on romanian based yoyo websites(there were duncans and yoyojams but i like YYF more).
The big question isssssss:are they good to learn both styles? I have basic knowledge in both 2A and 4A. Thanks! Sorry for my bad english,im romanian. :smiley:

I think those are great to start with. I started 4A with an Xodus II but it is terrible. The Flight is the only other one I have and I love it. For 2A, you would need two of the same yoyo to do, so 1 Loop 1080 won’t do much but it is good for 0A which is one-handed looping.

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I know that 2A is done with 2 yoyos but i wanted to buy only one responsive yoyo since i want to learn the tricks with my dominant hand first ,and then learn them with the lef hand.
Thanks anyway