One or Two?


Hey there, yoyoexperts. :o

I’m starting out 2A and would like to know, would you recommend buying two loopers at once or getting one and seeing how it goes? I have tried out looping a bit with the bumblebee, but that’s not so great.


if ur serious about learning 2a than getting two loopers isnt a waste plus u can always use them again to learn 2a later


I personnaly started with one Sunset and practiced and can loop good but I don’t enjoy it. So I would get one in case you end up not liking it.


I recently did a large purchase that included many yoyos. Inside the box were 4A yoyos and a pair of YYJ Unleashed yoyos.

While I’m not ready for 2A and 4A yet, I wanted the hardware to be handy so when I am ready for either of these styles, the gear is here already so I don’t have to stop any momentum.

It’s not terribly expensive to get great 2A yoyos. The Shinwoo LOOP puts your starting investment at just a hair under $20 for the pair. The Yomega Raider is a decent step up, and will run you $30 for a pair. I’m not sure about the Raider EX, but that will put you at $40 for a pair. The YYJ Unleashed will cost you $36 for a pair. YYF’s Loop900 will run you about $48 for a pair. Of course, there’s no need to spend that much if you don’t want to, but these are all fairly agreed upon to be decent to great loopers.

You can see that topping out at under $50, you can easily spend more than that on an OK full metal or a really good metal/plastic yoyo. The main thing you need to ask yourself is “do I really want to get into 2A style of play”. If you TRULY can answer yes, then get a pair.

Starting off with the Bumblebee with looping is something a lot of people have done. It’s a very popular classic looper. I’d say since you’re on the edge right now and have a single looping yoyo, get a bit better with it first. Give yourself a couple more weeks and really get it down the inside and outside loop and maybe a couple of string tricks to the point where you feed fairly comfortable and confident with those. Now you’re ready to move forward.


I tried it out by getting just one. I was excited to learn. I enjoy doing basketball tricks with 2 balls at the same time, so I figured I might have fun with 2 yoyo’s. But found out that I really didn’t enjoy it as much as the other styles. So buying just 1 turned out to be a good choice for me.


I’d start out with one then get two, but how can you not like 2a? It is so much fun!!