Hey all! I’ve never really looped before and I’m wondering what to get to start off. I’m also curious as to whether they get as expensive as butterfly style yo-yos. What’s a good set to start with? I’m not looking to spend too much on my first set, although I am curious what the range of prices is. Please also post BST threads containing good loopers, I may be interested :slight_smile:

Thank you all!


Great review on 2A yoyos

Would really help to know an exact price range

If you look around though you can probly get a 1080 pair in the $20-$30 range

The Loop 360 is definitely for you. Only $8 each, and SO good for beginners. IMO, you should avoid the more advanced loopers at first - I also have a Loop 900, and I can honestly say that the Loop 360 is MUCH better for beginner.

Don’t forget thick lube and slick 6 string if you don’t have that stuff already!

Does normal toxic string or YYE poly work?

Using toxic string on a looper seems to be a waste. I think u will find poly will snap faster or wear faster than cotton or a blend of cotton and poly.