Getting into looping?

I want to try 2A yoyoing and i’m curios if anyone has any suggestions on the best 2 handed looping starter gear. Also what type string is best for looping?

I liked fat kitty with loop 1080s.

Sounds like an awesome setup, but the 1080’s are two expensive when I dont know if I even like looping yet :confused: Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t care for the cheap loopers I’ve tried. I would look on the BST if I were you. Possibly good deals on them :slight_smile: what’s your budget?

I’d prefer to buy new, I don’t really want to spend more than 10 dollars a yoyo.

YYF LOOP 360 - $8.00 :

Yomega Raider - $14.99 :

Thanks for that! How do you think the loop 360 compares to the Oracle?

I’m fact, I think I heard somewhere that they are the same thing. I dont know if that is true.

They’re the same yo-yo, just branded for another online store.