need some more loopers


So this is my second post in the need help/recommendations area…

This time I’m looking for a 2nd set of looping yoyos for on the go. I have a set of YYF Loop 1080s and I absolutely love them. Can I Loop? Yeah…sorta. I’m hoping to spend more time on it with the addition of a second set.

Here’s the deal. They are being purchased for me as part of a birthday gift so the budget is probably cutoff at around $30 without a lot of wiggle room. (otherwise I would just get more 1080s) As a bonus I am interested in trying some other loopers so this is going to work out.
and I’m sure it goes without saying but I’m not interested in getting just one yoyo. It has to be a pair.

So what do you guys think?


Bump your budget to $40 or your choices aren’t gonna be great.

Unleashed will run you around $36 for a pair, same with the new Duncan Hornet.

Other decent choices inclide the Loop 808, Loop 360 and Macaron, which will run you $20 or less for a pair.


I guess $40 is do-able.

(M.DeV1) #4

I put my vote in for the Unleashed. Great looping yoyo with a very nice weight.


I don’t do much looping but I’ve always liked the unleashed, the shape and weight make 2A easier.


If you could mod you could make a speedle 720
ie speed Beatles with string on string response.


Duncan bumblebees are always nice!


Honestly, if you’re new to looping, just stick with what you’ve got. You’re starting off with a pair of Loop1080’s, which I think are great.

What’s cool with most looping yoyos is that what’s great for competition is also ideal for learning on.


I agree, but this does nothing for my Y.A.D. (Yoyo Acquisition Disorder)


I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about…

What is this Yoyo Acquisition Disorder?

I’ll ponder this as I photograph a yoyo I just got in from Vietnam.


To be honest, your 1080s is a great choice, anything else wont be much better if better at all… But, if your gettin em for free Id recommend a pair of unleashed if you can go a little above $30 if not, a pair of yomega raiders are good as well