Begginer looping yoyo?


im getting a looping yoyo for my cousin since he isnt so good with 1a, im trying to find a decsent not to pricey (10-20 dollars) yoyo. if you can not duncan


You could maybe get two loop 808s for around 20 dollars.


What’s wrong with Duncan i love my speed beetles and the proyo is a great throw for a great price. If I were you I would get 1 or 2 proyos so of he wants to he can put the mod spacers on and practice 1a


What I think is interesting but good about 2A play is that most of the stuff used for competition is completely suitable and appropriate for beginners as well.

I’m partial to the YYJ Unleashed. YYE has one of the best prices around for this model and I highly recommend it. I have 6 of them, 4 of which are for a color-swap project(swapping halves and caps to ge the look I’m after), while 2 are being kept completely stock.

It really depends on budget. The YYF Loop 808’s aren’t terribly expensive either. I have nothing against the Loop 900’s. I do hear mixed things about them, but more good than bad. I’ve dropped them off my wants list mostly since I’m happy with the Unleashed. But, if the right deal hits BST for Loop900’s, I’d probably go for that pair.

The Shinwoo Loop I feel is a bit too narrow and too light, but if you’re going for a $20 budget, a pair will do just fine.

The Duncan Speed Beetle looks like a non-light-up version of the Duncan Pusle. I have a pair of the Pulse myself as well. Fun, cheap, durable, but the switch can get hung up.

$40 or so for a pair of quality loopers is a good budget. The Loop900’s pushes that to $50.