Good beginner looping yoyos?

I’m starting out yoyoing, I have a duncan imperial and I’m going tomorrow to buy a new one. What’s a good beginner looping yoyo for cheap ($5-$15)? If it helps any, I can make the imperial sleep for 5 or so seconds if that helps any.

YYJ Sunset Trajectory is one of the best loopers out there…
If you want to go cheaper Duncan Speed Beetle is good…

Duncan proyos, duncan Speed-beetles, sunset trajectories by yoyojam, loop 720, 900’s, by yoyofactory. There are tons of good loopers out there.

Are you looking for a ball bearing looper?

I’ve tried the majority of loopers (720s, NXGs, Raiders, Raider EXs, Relics, Speed Beatles…I think that’s it) and I have to say they all work well, just differently. However, I started on Brains and they worked well because you could get the form of the loop down, then you can get some actual loopers and get the full form of looping in. But starting with any of the real loopers would also be a great choice.

Thanks everyone. Just so you know, I only started yoyoing a few days ago. I bought a cheap duncan imperial, and I’ve been playing with it… learned the basics (How to string it, how to throw, how to make it sleep) but I decided I’d buy a cheap one to grow with me. I’m not exactly sure if I want a ball-bearing yoyo or not, just a looper to play around with and do the simpler tricks. I’m going to write all your suggestions down and try going to a few stores tomorrow and see if I can find one of them. Thanks again!

I would honestly suggest just going to Toys’R’Us and getting something there, or waiting for not much time to get some of the new Razor’s that are supposed to be good cheap yoyos. Just a thought.

Spintastics Technic!

I’m really fond of the Duncan Pulse. :slight_smile: … of course that could just be because it lights up and I’m easily distracted by shiny things, but it seems to play well.

I forgot to mention pulses (by duncan) and Raiders, and Raider EX’s, by yomega. The raiders are one of the most widely used yoyos for 2 handed looping, and I have only heard good things about them. I tried the pules yesterday, and It is a nice looping yoyo. And it lights up! :smiley:

if you just want to try out looping without using too much money, then I suggest you the firedog, but I do not suggest you that if you are looking forward to use a ball bearing yoyo.

Well you can go to Walgreens and buy Peterfish Dominators…

I’m not sure if some other states have it.

Thanks a TON everyone for the recommendations and help! I found a Yoyojam Journey. This one isn’t too bad, is it?

It’s not made for looping. While it is possible, it’s something you probably don’t want to try using for looping.

yah, that is a 1a yoyo, you should get something with less rim weight

The Journey’s a great 1A Beginner/Intermediate yo-yo, but you’re looking for an Imperial/Modified shape throw, not a Butterfly/H-shape.