New to Yo-Yoing... Reccomendations?

Im pretty new to Yo-Yoing… I did it alot when I was in school with a standard 3 dollar duncan butterfly but I wanna give it a try again… What should I buy? There are so many to choose from…

String tricks seem pretty awesome but I wanna practice looping… What should I get that is reletively inexpensive so I can try it out and see where it goes form there? Less then 20 bucks…

Fast 201, the ultimate beginner yoyo.

For looping I loooove the loop 900 plus they just came out with new version

loop 900 if you like heavy yoyo or loop 720 if you like light yoyo, these are good looping yoyo

Looping, Loop 720 for sure. For any beginner or advanced or expert yoyoer, light looping is the best to start of with. Also try Shinwoo Loop if 720’s run out. NOT Shinwoo Fire Loop.

currently the loop 720 is out of stock so the shinwoo loop

put a clean bearing in a northstar,and youll be fine.

eww I started with one, I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy

Lyn Fury

or when it gets released, the YYF One, I had one (they were giving em away at munich sports fair) it’s the perfect throw for

  1. responsive play beginning (basic tricks)
  2. unresponsive play with the wider bearing (definitely a true performer if you throw a KK in it)
  3. basic maintenance, specially silicon jobs (can’t help but think that the response was decided with that in mind)

and I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper than a FAST or basically the same price.

as for looping: loop 900 if you can find some

if you are a beginner i say get a cheap looper and a cheap butterfly, you may find you like both… i know i do (however i stink at looping) for looping sunsets, 720’s and 900’s are fine, for string tricks velocities, fast 201’s, and legacies work too

Probably not Legacy because it is too unresponsive. I had to learn bind before I ordered one. For 1A, a Velocity is great because it can be responsive enough to loop (yes it can) and unresponsive enough to handle advanced to expert tricks. Here’s a GREAT demo:

Well I own a speed dial and my bro owns a velocity… Which both took us from beginner to advanced no prob… Now I use mine for permanent 5a and very unresponsive so I think they are both great… Idk about good loopers though… I guess anyone should do the job because you won’t need to change the response but if I were to buy one I would buys 900

I don’t think it is good for beginners because it is heavy, but if you’re serious in looping trick loop 900,