Yoyo Suggestions?

I’m looking to buy a new yoyo. The last time I bought a yoyo, ball bearings probably didn’t even exist, so it’s been a while. I actually want 2 yoyos - a looping and a string tricks one. Right now I have a plain duncan imperial style and duncan butterfly.

I have a gift card to a store that sells Duncan and Yomega so I’d like to limit my choices to those two brands (or at the very least, one of the two, as I don’t think the gift card would fully cover 2 yoyos). And I’d like some suggestions as to what to get.

I can do some basic looping tricks, not so great w/ string tricks, and I’m more interested in looping.

I was looking at:
Looping: Duncan Bumblebee, Yomega Raider, Duncan Speed Beetle
String: Duncan Dragonfly, Flying Squirrel, Throw Monkey, Yomega Hot Shot

Of course any other suggestions are welcome.


I would recommend the raider ex

I vote Raider for looping. I really like them.

Thanks for the suggestion. So the difference between the raider and the raider ex is that you can adjust the spacing?

Duncan Pro Z, if available. You can go from looping to string tricks all in a single yoyo. They’re pretty awesome!

They are selling for around $8 at Toys R Us. If you’re cheap, get 1 and change it between modified and wing mode. If you’re feeling spendy, get 2 and have one each way. If you’re a “big spender”, get one in each of the 4 colors and do with them as you will.

These are way fun and perfect for what the OP is looking for.

That yoyo looks pretty cool.

Pro-z is a great choice it will fill both jobs well. Also speed beetles are ok for looping, I’m a Duncan fan but people due tend to go for Raiders.