Looping yoyos?


So about a year ago I bought a Duncan mosquito thinking it would only help me to learn normal tricks, so I removed a friction sticker and then added some weight with silly putty, about 20g more which also helped learn some basic tricks but what I recently did was bought looping stickers for some of my other yoyos and relized that I had more then enough. So using the extras I put them on the mosquito and turned it into a looping yoyo, with a little extra weight since I throw pretty hard, but what I’m wanting to know is what did you do to your yoyos to add weight or upgrade a $5 yoyo into a $10 looper or something along those lines, well I hope you comment. Thank you ^.^


Frankly a mosquito doesn’t make a good looper. Butterfly shapes in general are not good loopers because they resist flipping as they loop. An imperial or raider shape make the best looping yoyos.

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This is a good looper;


Have the speed Beatle but in my opinion it doesn’t loop the best. The problem is it turns to much, with the modified one I made it turns as much as I need it to and the weight is helpful but it might just be me. Either way its modified and helped it


What do you mean by turns? Do you mean it flips over?
That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

Did you read the reference I gave above?

But frankly I don’t like speed beetles either. Raiders are good IMO.


Isn’t a raider made by yomega? I didn’t think that yye carried yomega, but maybe I’m wrong, I use the Duncan lightup but right now the name escapes me, either way it’s decent, and yeah when I throw it out and then loop it bak the string starts to come undone, any tips?


yye carries yomega as of a month or two ago.
and yeah, the pulse is actually surprisingly good for looping.
and the string losing tension as you loop is normal. that’s what sidewinders are for.


There are lots of good looping yoyos. The key thing is to get the yoyo intended for the task you need it for. Mainly: If you want off-string, get a yoyo designed for off-string. If you want a looper, get a modified shape. Anything else uses a wing-shape(1A,3A,5A).

The YYJ Unleashed is a great looper. I have a pair.
The Duncan Pulse is fun, I have a pair mainly for certain show elements.
I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of YYF Loop900’s and a pair of Yomega Raiders as well.

I’m thinking with your string problem, perhaps the string is worn or your string is too long. I’m not into looping yet. I’m going to start trying basic 2A stuff in 2012.

The YYE tutorials recommend a shorter string length for looping. Check out the videos for looping to get started. Chances are you’re past the basic stuff, but go back again to the beginning and see if shortening the string helps you out a bit.


I’ll have to check out some of those, I’m just starting to get into yoyoing again, it’s been almost 6 months and I plan on getting back into the community of YYE, getting to make friends and connect with older ones. I will always take recommendations because basically, I’ll always want to learn new tricks! I am into the expert section of YYE tutorials and still have trouble remembering the 5 A’s of yoyoing types, but other then that ill always take recommendations, I might go order that yoyo that you suggested, either way thanks, and my speed beatles broke after excessive play, when i got it I was still new to yoyoing and had no idea it was a looper so i wore the pads and broke the screw in the center, that’s probably why it doesn’t work all that well.


Hmmmm, Ya think. :wink:


Haha yeah that could be why, but after I did work to it and fixed it, it still didnt work right. I glued it back together and then I figured it would work. As someone mentioned above though, about my string length, I dislike it when they are short because they come back to fast and at the same time I hit myself a lot, kind of funny to watch but painful for me.


yoyojam unleashed top all loopers out there