A1 + A2 Hybrid Yoyo?

I’m relatively new to yo-yoing about 2 months in and I’ve grown to love looping, but I also have a beginner string trick yo-yo that I’ve been using and I’ve got the side-mount down pretty well.

What I’m looking for in a new yo-yo is something that I can use short string, but has a (at least slight) butterfly shape for landing on the string, and something with a return mechanism like a star burst thingy (not an auto return yo-yo) or whatever to make looping fairly natural.

Basically I’m looking for a non-beginner yo-yo that is acceptable for looping and string tricks, but probably leaning more towards looping tricks. Can anyone help me out?

That’s quite interesting, but what I’m looking for is something that can do looping and string tricks in the same combination of tricks, though this looks like it would probably work for that.

You can do 1a tricks with a 2a yoyo and vice versa. They will just be terrible at the other style.

I know, thats kind of why I want a looping yoyo with a slight butterfly shape for catching the string.

Butterfly shapes are generally not good loopers. The Duncan Pro-Z is probably your best alternative at this point. The Yomega Raider is a looper that was previously touted as an all around player. It is capable of string tricks, but not quite the same as a butterfly.

You can get the velocity which has adjustable response.

My recommendation is for you to pick up a YYJ Classic with the upgrade kit as well as a YYF Loop 360. The 2 combined is under $30, and are excellent at what they are designed for. Getting 1 throw that is excellent for looping and one throw that is excellent for string tricks is much better than getting 1 throw that is ok at both. If you are strictly want one throw however, and it will have to be responsive, I would recommend the Yoyojam Dragon Jam (won’t be able to find one on the YYE store), or a Yoyojam Speed Maker.

Tom Kuhn nojive 3in-1

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Hey…I think a “piggy back” or “pagoda” style yoyo is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for the suggestion. I might end up buying the flying camel (which is another similar nojive yoyo) and trying it out.