What is the difference between 'looping' yoyos and 'string trick' yoyos?

I’m a total beginner, planning to buy my first yoyo. They seem to be divided into two types, ‘looping’ and ‘string tricks’.

Do I have to decide which type of yoyo to buy, or is there a good general purpose type?

I’d like to buy one that wouldn’t be only for starter work, one that I could grow with.

Any suggestions?

well what do u want to do with it u cant do string tricks with a looping yoyo but you cant loop with a butterfly shape yoyo
if u are into looping I would sugjest a sunset :http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/sunset-trajectory
on the other hand if u want string tricks I would sugjest a velocity:
or a kickside :

Looping yoyos are shaped so that they can perform looping tricks, while string trick yoyos are made so they are easy to land on the string.
Sadly, there is no yoyo that is good at both (and worth getting)
There are many good yoyos to start out with. I would recommend working on string tricks (or 1A).
Here are places where you can buy the yoyos…

YYJ Kickside

YYJ Journey

YYJ Legacy

YYJ Lyn Fury

YYJ Dark Magic

Duncan Freehand Zero

YYF Velocity

These are just a few choices. I would personally recommend the Dark Magic, as it has an adjustable gap which allows you to do beginner and advanced tricks.

Good luck and welcome to yoyoexpert!  :slight_smile:

First off, Welcome to YoYoExpert! Second of all, do not get the Dark Magic until you get better. The hybrid response is better for unresponsive and thus you may not be able to get it back up unless you get some thick lube. However, I would start with the Velocity. Then grow to Dark Magic. or any other yoyo.



First off, Looping yo-yo’s are smaller and has a very tight gap with a very responsive system that allows you to shoot it out and fling it out again as it comes back.

String Trick yo-yo’s are big and have wide gaps for you to land the yo-yo on the string and they spin very long and are hard to pull up unless you know how.

If you are a string trick type of person then go with the Velocity. With the adjustable Starburst you can set it to where how easily the yo-yo can come up when you pull it. The DM is also a good beginners yo-yo and will grow with you.(#1 Choice by the guy who designed it).

A good looping yo-yo will be the Sunset Trajectory or the Loop 720, or Speed Beetle… If you don’t take yo-yo as seriously as most of us then I say get a Imperial.

Really it depends on what kind of person you are. The Duncan company claims the SB is fast and if you like fast then get that. The ST is a good because it is a Looping version of the Journey.

I say the 720 sounds good because it’s response system is string and it takes a lot of practice to master one-two handed looping.

Highly incorrect. What Mage said is very much wrong. Coming from a person who has actually used one, the Dark Magic is a great yoyo for beginners as well. It comes responsive, and can still spin as long as you wish. Be prepared to learn to bind eventually though as it will become unresponsive, but not too fast.

Looping yo-yo, small gap and all the weight is towards the center of the yo-yo,
This allows the yo-yo to flip over during a loop.

String Trick Yo-Yo’s, wide gap, weight is towards the outside of the yo-yo
This allows long spin times, and multiple string wraps for technical “knot” tricks