Looking for 3 yo-yos

I’m looking for 3 yo-yos for different styles.
First, I’m looking for an affordable and durable string trick yo-yo, one for a beginner-intermediate skill level.(I prefer one that can be bought in major retailers like Walmart, Target, etc.)

Second, I’m looking for a good looping yo-yo. I’ve got the one-handed looping basics down, but am looking to get into 2A. I’m currently deciding on either a Loop720 and a Sunset Trajectory. Any feedback on either helps.

Third, I’m looking for a good 4A yo-yo. I’ve got little experience with one, so a beginner level one would help a lot. I’m deciding on either an Aquarius, an Offstring, and a Hayabusa.

Thanks for any help!

As for a reliable string trick yoyo available at major retailers, the Freehand 2 is about to be sold at Toys 'R Us. However, I would recommend buying online; you will get a far better selection.

For loopers, I would recommend a Sunset Trajectory over the Loop 720 because it is much better for beginners.

As for 4A, I would recommend an Aquarius. Very good beginning offstring yoyo. The Hayabusa is nice, but feels too heavy for me. The BigYo snags too much for me. And I’ve only heard bad things about the YYF Offstring.

Good Luck with your decisions.

There aren’t very many yoyos in stores besides Yomega Brains, at least in my experience. I would recommend getting a Projam or Journey, and I have also heard good things about the Lyn Fury and Kickside.

I’m not much about looping so I will just leave this part alone.

I have used an Aquarius and it worked well, but it does snag quite a bit. Same with the Hyabusa I used. I personally would recommend just using the yoyo you get for 1a for 4a, as long as you can practice on carpet or grass. This way your catching will be slightly harder to do and then when you do use a real 4a yoyo it will be much easier. If this isn’t possible, I would get an Aquarius out of my experience with 4a yoyos and because André recommended it.

I would recommend a Duncan Mosquito for string tricks if you wanna go the retail store route. If not, a Legacy or Journey. As for the looping, the YYF Firedog or the NXG are on the top of my list. For offstring, I recommend either a Hayabusa, Aquarius, or even a Dark Magic.

I’ve tried offstring with my Dark Magic, but it doesn’t work out too well.

Oh, and thanks for all the feedback. A few more, and I can start making my final decisions. :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried a DM offstring, but I know it CAN work well (with practice)…

If you are going to get a looping yoyo, you are likely going to order from the internet. If you do, you should order the string trick yoyo from the internet too. But if you already have a Dark Magic, stick with that.

The string trick yoyo I will reccomend are only sold online and a few stores.
First, I reccomend the YoYoJam Kickside for a bigginer through intermediate. The journey is way] too light in my opinion. The Speed Maker is pretty unresponsive, so you will need to know how to bind for it. The Lyn-Fury will work well too, but the response is what I don’t like. But of course some people like the Lyn-Fury better.

I love the Operation Dark Magic videos.

And, as evident in the video, the Dark Magic is great for 4a, just make sure you practice on grass or carpet. However, since it sounds like you are fairly new to yoyoing, I would recommend one of the other ones I recommended.

Toys’r’us and Duncan have recently started working together to get more Duncan products at their stores. You might be able to find a Freehand Zero there, which are great for 1A and 5A.

For looping, you could go with either the 720s or Sunsets, both are great from what I’ve heard.

For Offstring, I’d actually recommend the BigYo, as its large size makes catching easier and it is more fun than any other 4a yoyo as well, IMO.

For string tricks- I would suggest just sticking with your dark magic. It is a great player and it does not get much better than a siliconed dark magic.

For looping- I think that speed beetles are great for looping. They are very good for beginner loopers.

For offstring- If you are a beginner I would suggest either an aquarius or a bigyo. But if you are pretty good the big ben is my personal favorite offstring player. Also my friends black knight is great for it too.

I think legacy can be one since it is cheaper than DM…btw in HK people say speeder is better than dark magic…I find legacy is more better for new learner… the gap of a speeder is too small for me and is too responsive…but i hvn’t try a dark magic…

For 2A, I am also a new learner practising the double loop, i just use the YOMEGA RIDAR… that is cheap and good for looping

4A…i cant give any advise=P

I’m not looking for a beginner string trick yo-yo for myself, but for my friends to use at school. They’re fairly new to yo-yoing(Learning how to throw), and I’m starting to get worried that they might damage my DM even more than it already is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have a Speed Beetle, but it’s way old and the axle’s broken. And from what I’ve experienced, I don’t think glue will fix it anymore. So, I’m looking to upgrade as well.
**I’d prefer a looping yo-yo that comes with a good response. I don’t want to spend money buying friction stickers or modding.

Last thing; is picking up a BigYo or a Big Ben a good choice for 4A? Because I’ll take out two birds with one stone if it’s good for 1A and 4A.

I’ve never tried either of these for 1a, but I have heard that the Aquarius isn’t too good for 1a and it’s probably the same with the BigYo and Big Ben, but I could be wrong there.

Big Ben can be used for 1A very easily compared to any other 4A yoyo out there.

I’ve been looking around this site and the forums, reading about different yo-yos. Since there’s pretty much no place to buy yo-yos near my house, I decided to just buy it online. Anyway, I’ve narrowed down the 1A yo-yo to 4 yo-yos: Dragonjam, ZanNavi, Freehand Zero, and Journey. All are about the same price, but which one is more durable and can go up to the more advanced tricks?

I’ve decided to scrap the 2A idea for now. :frowning:

For 4A, I’ve decided on a BigYo. Does anyone have experience with it? Thanks for feedback.

And last thing…BUMP! :slight_smile:

Well the Journey and FHZ are used much more than the other two. I would personally recommend the Journey as I have one and can do almost all the tricks on this site with it, but wait until somebody that has tried a FHZ, or one of the other two, to give some feedback. The FHZ is obviously pretty good though, as Yuuki Spencer used it in the 2002 (I think) Worlds contest to win.