witch looping yoyo should i get or witch one is better for me

ok so im starting 2a now and i need a good looping yoyo.im looking at the sunset trajectroy or the loop 720.so witch one is better for a bignner 2a yoyoer

And before i forget i also need a offstring yoyo.im not a beginner in that,the best trick i can do is a under the leg whip thing that saw grant johnson do.want would be good for me.

this is not one of the those qusetion were the guy ask witch one is the best.im asking as a beginner in 2a and a novice in offstring so help me out

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2A: There is no “better” or “best.” It’s all preference. I perfer the Sunset Trajectory NXG. It is very superior for looping, and it’s response rarely has to be changed. The Loop 720, are you looking for the ones out now? Or the new ones comming out soon? If you’d buy a Loop 720, just get a Loop 900. Their a lot better than the 720’s.

4A: I like the BigYo2. The response is great on it. The only downfall on it for me is it’s size. Too big. But plays well. You can’t miss anything with a BigYo2, it’s nearly impossible. (Figure of speech.)

Really, my suggestioins are the YoYoFactory Loop 900, and the YoYoJam BigYo2.

I’ve heard that the Duncan Hayabusa is good for more advanced 4A. I’ve also heard good things about the YYF offstring and the YYJ Bigyo2 for more advanced play.

BigYo’s are out of production. Don’t you mean BigYo2?

Yes I did, thanks for correcting me, I’ll edit it.

For 2A, I reccomend the Sunset Trajectory from YYJ.
For 4A, I reccomend the Aquarius or Hayabusa.

Really it’s just what you want for reponse, gap type, and size.

So, preference?


I prefer Raider EX’s modded by Pat Cuartero. Those are BEAST!

Loop 720’s and sunsets are also very good. It should be a tough choice. All of these are top notch.

i agree you should get the yoyos that SR said unless you have a ton of thick lube on you, then go with a yomega raider

I like Loop 900’s.

have you ever played with one or have thay yet to come out

Their not out…

Speaking for myself soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fail. Really bad fail.

Anyway, I really love Loop 900s. I have actually tried one, (unlike some people ;)) and they are truly, truly amazing loopers. I was able to just go on and on and on looping with it staying straight. And it wasn’t my technique, it is just that good.

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Is the response string like the 720s?

They are testing the response to see what is prefered by people at contests and such.

They’re testing starbursts and silicone right now.

I would try Duncan Imperials. Just to make sure you like 2A.

with silicone it wont be good it wont come back or will it ???