i want to start looping but i never have. what yoyo should i buy. put the top 3.

and how do you replace the string response on the loop 270

Id have to say the most three popular loopers are:
Sunset NXGs
Modded Raiders

And I think the 720’s come with a threading needle and instructions

The only three loopers that i think anybody uses are the loop 720s, NXGs, and Raiders. Go for the Loop and NXG if you’re beginning, then when you’re better, start looking at getting a pair of modded raiders. that’d be my suggestion. :slight_smile:

EDIT: lol Mitch you beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I hear Loop 900’s will be shaped alot like raiders

I use Sunset trajectory NXGs by YoYoJam.
I find that they are responsive enough (obvioulsy…)
But can also sleep quite long for the cmplicated wrap tricks.
So I would advise sunset trajectors.


thanks. and what string type is good for 2a

i have started looping with a modded butterfly that is waaaaaay responsive buy im using 100% polyester and it hurts my finger like crazy

usually 100% cotton and 50/50 is what is suggested for 2A. Someone might know better though. :slight_smile:

I had a Custom AXLerator of 8 - 9 years and would still have it today if I could get replacement parts. I gave it away to a donation because I couldn’t  get the correct parts from the store and it needed a complete overhaul and was not worth the money and big head ache. The problem was not with the yo yo but the goofy store I was dealing with.

I have never looped with any of the popular yo yos mentioned here, but I would put this up against any of them without question. High quality smooth operation perfect weight distribution and a slightly smaller size.  It’s not so great out of the box but play it and you won’t want to stop looping with it. And besides it’s the only metal yo yo I know of made just for looping.

The link here is NOT from that goofy store, it’s from a store I trust much more.


SB2 by Tom Kuhn. Metal looper.

I would suggest 720’s at first. I personally like speed beetles but you may not want to keep changing the friction stickers.