Which 2a yoyo?

Hey guys, i need help. i am still new to 2a yoyo’ing and i have no clue how to loop consistantly.
i have a stock raider, but it is unresponsive. so i triple tie it around the bearing to make it responsive.

the thing is, i have no clue how responsive a 2a yoyo needs to be. i hear raiders sucks unless modded, i do not want to risk breaking my raider.

should i stick to my raider and buy another one?
should i buy different yoyos?

also, what string is better for looping? 50/50 polyester --or-- 100% polyester

Try some thick lube.

String: Unless you’re using a fixed axle, then whatever you want is fine. I find YYE 100% poly gets the job done.

I prefer the YYJ Unleashed. That doesn’t mean it’s best, I just mean it’s what I like.

I second this. Especially if you’re new to looping Unleashed are a great choice. They have an adjustable gap which means that you can tune them to find out which responsiveness of looping YoYos works for you.

Either this, or you can get the Loop 900. The Loop 900 gap is also adjustable, but one of the pros of this yoyo is that, you adjust it using the key provided, so that you don’t have to worry about getting the different gap widths each time you unscrew and screw the yoyo.

i am really debating on the Unleashed or the Loop900. i think i want the Loop900 but the thing is, i want RED yoyos, because thats my style. and yoyoexpert is out of stock. Unleashed has Translucent Red, but im not a fan of Translucent.

Will one of these yoyo take me from “noob beginner to expert?” i do not want to invest in another pair of yoyos.

These two yoyos would get you anywhere in looping. Both can be used in competitions. However, I think that the adjustable gap in the Loop 900 is really useful if you want the gap to be consistent. If color is not that big of a problem, then I suggest you wait for the Loop 900 to restock, or choose a new color.

Thanks for your help guys.
I’ve decided to go for a pair of Loop900!
i hope the $50 investment is well worth it.
im excited for it to come in, i cant wait!

900’s kind of sucked a bit for me, the key hole thing stopped working so it’s stuck extremely responsive.

Loop900 is a very good 2a yoyo.
only downside is that it unscrews itself when looping sometimes!
i do not recommend Loop900 because of this reason. im very paranoid it will fly apart everytime i loop. it already happened once within the first 1hour i used my Loop900s.

although i wish i also had the Unleashed to compare the two.

but this is just my recommendation. -Buy the Unleashed instead people!

(rant: I regret buying my Loop900s) :frowning:

RecRev Reverbs :smiley:

Sunset Trajectory… ;D

was that the original run of the loops (prerelease in white)? I know there were problems with that originally. I’ve never had a problem with mine coming undone.

@op - loop 900s are great, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with them. :slight_smile:
I’d personally recommend 900s, unleashed, modded raiders, sunset trajectories, or reverbs. Others work, like my pulse is actually decent, but what I listed are quite good.
This is all just for future reference, seeing as how you already ordered loops. In case you wanna buy another pair of loopers later. haha