Just wondering

ive been getting into 2A and i so far got 4 loops down :D. But that is not the point the point is i know that there is the Loop 900 and the Unleashed but is there any other yoyos that may be good or better than these or is the highest?

there are a lot of great loopers. two of the best though I’d say are loop 900s and unleashed.
there’s also sunset trajectories which were discontinued, and plenty others. also modded raiders were generally accepted as some of the best loopers you could get.

I’m buying a pair of Unleashed for when I’m ready to venture into 2A. I mean, let me clarify: I’m buying them fairly soon to have them around so when I’m ready, there they are!

I’m choosing the Unleashed because I like YYJ products and I know that with the Loop900’s, I’m gonna be adjusting all the time before I’m really ready to be good enough to justify tweaking.

I’m buying a blue one and a white one. At first, it’s so I can tell them apart at a glance. But, later on, I intend to swap halves and have a blue/white set.

I was thinking of a pair of Yomega Raiders, but if I can get the YYJ Unleashed for pretty much the same price, I’d rather go that route.

I’m not going to rule out the Loop900’s. For now, LESS features is fine.

If you want to go the inexpensive route, you can go with the Shinwoo Loop. $10 or so, it can get the job done. I’m ordering one for my kid so the kid can have a looper. My kid is just starting out and has a ONE. This should help with the looping tricks.

Also, you might want to order BOTH YYJ thick AND thin lube. Some people feel thick alone is too thick, and thin along is too slick. Seems 1 drop of each seems to do the job.

well there are good loopers other than loop 900 or unleashed like loop 720 ( great for begginers and very light), sunset trajectories, Yomega raider(modded). That is what I hear from other, but I only have loop 900 to begin with because I don’t have to change or upgrade to different yoyos. some people say that it is a little heavy, but for me it is perfect (maybe because I never tried other loopers) and I can adjust the gap just fine. and I recommend you buy the YYF perfomance oil for looping. or YYJ thick lube

I like Raiders. I’ve got stock, modified, and the Raider Ex. They all work for me. On the YYJ side I like Relics. They work nice too.

What I really love though are the BC and TK woods.

Tell us what we can get from the store. Relics would make us jelly…

2A is my least fav divisions, but I’m thinking to get a pair of loop 900 just to enjoy 2A.

Modded raiders all the way.