Looping yoyos

Does anyone know any good looping yoyos (Definitely not yomega)? I’ve gone pretty far with string tricks, and might want to start looping.

I’m terrible at looping, but I’ve used loop 808?, loop 900 (twice), and unleashed. I prefer the unleashed by far!

If you want cheap try the new loop 360

I like the loop 808. I also use fat kitty string I think that’ll help. Also start with your left hand and then learn with your right. XD

I like modded Yomega Fireballs better than Loop 900’s even though I don’t currently own any and only have a pair of 900’s. I cracked mine :frowning:

Nothing wrong with Yomega. Raiders are a nice yoyo.

what he said. Modded raiders are still some of the best loopers you can get. Back when the first run of loop 900s was being sold (the white ones) a lot of people were saying they were like pre-modded raiders.

Here’s just a list of stuff I’d recommend from what I’ve tried:
Reverbs (expensive, but awesome)
sunset trajectories
modded raiders
or if you’re really on a budget, duncan pulse.

I’ve never tried 360s, 808s, or 1080s, so I can’t attest to how good they are. But I’m sure they’re perfectly adequate.

just get 2 raiders and buy 900’s spacer set up or fireball with 900’s insides

Yeah man yomega is horrible. Why would you want to get yoyos you have to mod, and spend more money on parts for it to perform how it should?

I strongly suggest yyf 808’s they’re cheap and great loopers for learning and performing all loop tricks. Get two for 2a and pick up some thick lube and 50/50 string too.

or instead of thick lube, go to a walmart and buy a bottle of 3 in 1 lube. You’ll get way more for probably cheaper.
And no, yomega isn’t horrible. Many contests have been won using raiders. And you don’t have to spend more money on parts for them either. Modding them is free. But the process of modding them is moderately difficult, and you’ll likely break one or two in the process.
Just buy a pair of used loopers off the b/s/t.

+1 on the 50/50 though

Buy the supernova its not a looping yoyo but its great.

If your looking for a looping yoyo buy the duncan beee or yoyo factory loop 900 Or yomega raider fireball and reflex all those are good for looping

Why do people never mention the Raider EX? You can get the exact gap size you want without modding. Mine are great.

I have Sunsets, Raider EX’s, and Speed Beetles to compare. Of those I recommend the EX’s, just be careful not to overtighten. I also like to add Loctite to the axles to prevent unexpected unscrewing. If you want to call that “modding”, fine, but other loopers can unscrew like that too. Sunsets are more durable and get great spin times but are not quite as comfortable to loop with in my opinion. They are awesome but out of production.

I’m sure the 900s (played em), 1080s, and Unleashed (played em) are awesome too, I just haven’t played them extensively enough to compare.

Duncan Hornets look kinda sweet, just throwing that out there.

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Yes, the Raider EX is a nice looper. Very easy to adjust the gap. As far as lube goes, brain lube works fine. better way is to remove the shields and pack the bearing w/white moly grease, or any light grease for that matter. Some people use vaseline (petroleum jelly). And as noted, 50/50 string works nice. I prefer the slick 8 variety. On removing the shields, I’ve never been able to find the C ring so I just pry them out and throw them away.

Sounds like jhb found his setup :slight_smile: I use slick 8 as well. I haven’t re-lubed the stock EX bearings yet; they work well for me with the spacers I chose and give good round-the-world spin times. Speed Beetle bearings are packed with something thick to balance with the wide gap, but have terrible spin times because of it. They’re still fun for light, speedy looping though.

Have fun determining the right combo of lube viscosity, string type, and gap size, folks!

I wouldn’t suggest the bumblebee I have it and don’t like it at all.