LOOPING YOYO Help guys!!

Hello everyone… so i recently bought two yyf firedogs thinking the were ball bearing yoyos but totally misread the description… but anyway theyre still fun but i really want to loop now what are your suggestion on a good looping yoyo? (i want to start 2A) ;D

loop 900s are light, adjustable gap, starburst response…can’t ask for much else

Raider, Raider Ex, Unleashed, fireball, sunset, sunset NXG, shinwoo loop, loop 720, loop 900

This is a nice, exhaustive, list - but most aren’t available anymore…

I would not recommend the fireball, it is not a bearing looper… it’s a trans-axle

Depending on your price range… the shinwoo loops are nice and cheap, get a pair for just a little more than one unleashed and less than one loop900.

The raiders need modded… new spacers, a little cranking (which can crack the yoyo if you’re not careful) all that said, they are heavier, and really fly fast…

If you have the funds grab a pair of Unleashed’s - they are simple to adjust, feel good in the hand, nice weight.

Loop900’s (to me) feel lighter, which effects stability. I have not had this problem - but I know others who have had them unscrew (come apart) while looping. The adjustment tool is a nice idea, but don’t lose it or no fine tuning for you… which is another reason I lean toward the Unleashed - a little twist one way or another and you’re back to flying…

Back to the shinwoo’s - they have a o-ring response - the others have starburst

Hope that helps

If you have the money, I think the new recrev reverb delrin looper… But at $45 each Idk if thts what you want to spend

revrev reverbs are fantastic loopers. but they are pretty pricey, considering you can get a pair of unleashed or 900s for the price of just one.
check the bst for loop 900s, unleashed, sunset trajectories (grant johnson swears by these), or modded raiders.
or if you wanna go new, I would go with the 900s or unleashed.

Are bumblebees good?

I would also like to get into looping btw.

Bumble Bee is a fun throw, not a very tight gap - I don’t know if you can mod it, maybe shorten the axle. A tighter gap makes quick, tight loops.

The bee was really designed as an all around yoyo with a bearing - an upgrade from a fixed axle throw.

You can loop a Raider w/o modding. It’s optional. You don’t need to mod a Raider EX at all. They come with an assortment of spacers that let you adjust the gap quite easily.

I’ve found that my preference for looping is different from most of you. I really enjoy looping fixed axle wood yoyos, especially the old humming birds. I know it’s a bit strange but I just love the feel. ;D

There are three major shapes.

The LOOP900/LOOP720/Raider/Fireball is my favorite.  Specifically the 900s, because of the adjustable gap.  But I do more loops than tanglers.  For Fireballs, I sanded down the trasaxle, added petroleum jelly, and cranked the gaps.  They play the same as Raiders to me.

The Unleashed/NXG shape is good.  I learned on these.  It sleeps a bit better than the Raider shape.

The BumbleBee/old Playmaxx shape is a bit outdated.  But fun for goofing around and learning.  I personally like looping with fixed axles.  But that’s just me.  Try it out to find if it’s your thing, too.

Then the Pulse/Speed Beetle and the Imperial are OK.  I have not tried the Reverb.


P.S. the best reading you have done about yo-yoing in a while is here: