What is the best yoyo for looping.


modded fireballs, or modded raiders are widly considerd the best.
However you have to mod them and it takes time practice and special hard to get pieces.
YYF makes two easy to use loopers right now.
YYJ also makes a couple that are easy no mod throws.


For me personally I like the light stuff and I find the duncan speed beetle works great for because of how some it was


I use the duncan Bumblebee and it’s awesome. Or you can get the throws with ‘loop’ in the name they’re made for that crazy-nonsense.


How is looping crazy nonsense? Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean you should talk against it.

Anyway, since you’re starting out, I suggest you the Loop900 or the Loop1080. Its key-adjustable gap gives it good tuning to your specifications without risking breaking Raiders/Fireballs for modifications.
Looping has a pretty steep curve and don’t feel too discouraged if you don’t see improvements within the first month. It will take time.

(Mitch) #6

So I’ve owned several pairs of looping yoyos… My first set were Sunset Tragectorys, and I traded them for something. (Along with an Aqaurious.) I regret this choice very much. I was a young player, and I expected instant progress, which I didn’t get. Now I really wish I still had these three yoyos.

But if you can get your hands on some Sunsets, do it.

Then when I decided to try again I picked up YYF FireDogs… If you can get some of these, don’t. They were so bad. At first they were cool, but then they loosened up and started to act all weird.

The next set I got was loop 720s. These are neat as hell. I wish I hadn’t broken mine. I don’t recommend these for starting, but if you can grab a pair, I would, just because of the cool factor.

Then I got loop 900s. I broke one by over tightening the key. But these were solid regardless, and I’d recommend them if you can afford them.


dude I’m boss at 2a I do all the time and LOVE it in no way am I ‘against it’. I say ‘crazy-nonsense’ like anyone else would say ‘sick’… it means ‘awesome’ and if you knew me you’d know that. So don’t be hatin’ on my slang.


Just like with wing-shaped yoyos, there is no “best” for looping. It comes down to preferences.

I have several different pairs of loopers. Of what I’ve used, I prefer the YYJ Unleashed. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with other stuff I have. I’m also planning to get a pair of the Loop 1080’s fairly soon, and the odds are that I’ll still prefer the Unleashed. Why? Well, I just really like the Unleashed yoyos.

I got Loop 720’s, Loop900’s, competition modified Raider EX’s, Raiders and other stuff. Nothing is bad, just my preferences keep bringing be back to the Unleashed. Even the Loop 808s aren’t bad, but I do find them to be a bit too light, and too narrow. My sons loves his pair. I’m only OK with them. I am not willing to spend higher dollars on something like the RecRev Reverbs yet.

Try what you can, buy what you like.

2A is hard to learn, harder to master but sure does reward your efforts when it comes together. I strongly recommend all players learn this style.

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What mod?


I think the spacers were sanded down or something. I’ll ask the guy I bought them from. They play fantastic.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #11

For looping ,I highly recommend using looping yoyos with very high response ,so if you use bumble bees ,then I would use some really thick lube on it.I recommend using Vaseline Lip Therapy on the bearing.I prefer the yoyojam Unleashed or the yoyofactory loop 900 because the adjustable gaps are easy for starters.It’s way easier to start looping with super high response.As you advance ,you might adjust to your own personal preference.It really is convenient.I’m not advanced at looping ,but I got the basics down. I hope this helps you out.