i want to get started looping. But i want to get the yoyo today soo ill get it at toys r us. i need help picking between a yomega raider or a yomega fireball. i know the raider has a ball berring but is it worth the extra $5 ??? ???help!!!


Yes, the Raider is worth it. It is also designed for looping. The fireball has a transaxle and is more for simple, basic yo-yoing imo.


The raider has to be modded to be any good at looping. Or at least the one i got wasnt that good. I never got to modding it, so im not sure how it is modded. I reaaaaly want a good looper too.


I personally like Yoyofactory’s Loop 1080. But I’ve heard good things about the Raider.


Actually, the Raider is pretty good stock for beginners looping. However, performing some mods that are standard for a Raider will greatly improve its performance.


I am a beginner looper and i epicly failed on the raider but did pretty well on my 3$ duncan bumblebee.


I really don’t think the raider is good for newbies. It falls apart, you lose the spacers, and the gap is too wide for beginner looping. You may could double wrap the string to fix that last one. It may be a good looper after you address these issues with modifications, but what newbie wants to do that?

I also broke my first raider because I was trying to get it tight enough to not fall apart…

The fireball is horrible. The trans-axle is so slow, you can feel the resistance as you throw the yoyo down. I’d just focus on ball bearing loopers.

I think toys R us did have a bumblebee by duncan. To me, it’s kinda weird with that cork resistance pad, but it still got the job done better than the other 2 you mentioned.

I’m speaking as a newbie myself. I’ve nearly bought all the cheaper loopers these last few weeks. I’m on the duncan hornet right now. It’s nice.


I just threw all of my loopers and the best one I have under $10 is the yoyofactory loop 360. I can loop it 8 or 9 times(thats my max lol), inside and outside loops. UFO, and I can even do shoot the moon. So it’s totally capable right out of the box for newbies.


I used to have a Fireball and a Raider, and I thought that they stunk for looping. Do you REALLY have to have it RIGHT NOW? If I was you, I would get a Loop 360 or 900. I have a 900, and I have a 360 coming in the mail. The adjustable gap is actually somewhat annoying on the 900 though, so I would just get a 360. I wish I could tell you whether or not it is good…


I recommend the Raider EX, or the Yoyojam Unleashed.

You can learn very basic looping with the Fireball though.


I can’t say enough good things about the Loop 360. It’s my new favorite looper. I don’t know any advanced tricks, but I can do infinite inside and outside loops with it, so I’m very happy with that $8 yoyo. I just wish they had more colors…


Thanks i think ill get a loop 360


If you buy a blue one and don’t like it, you can always sell it to me. I’m almost to the point where I need one for my other hand. :smiley:


Same exact thing here. Just got mine today. I like it more than my 900!


I started looping with the fireball… And it sucked… Get a pair of unleashed :slight_smile: