Looping Yoyos

Does anyone know of a good looping yoyo. I have looked at the unleashed and the loop 900 but are they really that good? My price range is $25. I have NEVER looped before, and I would like one that would spin around 20 sec or more…or one that has a ball bearing. So does anyone know please reply soon.

I’m not a looper, but the 900s are definitely amazing, as well as Unleashed. It is really based on preference. Unleashed are a bit cheaper, and the colors on both are about the same. Sorry, it is a popular question with not much of an answer. :slight_smile:

for $25 the loop 900 and the yomega raider are both pretty good loopers. but for a little more, i suggest you get the delrin manuractured recrev reverb ($45, ok, a LOT more) it plays real smooth and i made of delrin, a high quality plastic.

I don’t know much on what 2A players demand but I’m really happy with my pair of $8 DuncanPro Z’s. With putting a friction sticker over 1 starburst, I was amazed. Wouldn’t call it a high end player but for learning and dabbling in the 2A arena it’s probably a worthy choice.

They may sleep for that length but I never fuss how long my loopers sleep for since in constantly regenerating/looping. So a set of loopers for $16, can even get a 3rd as a 1a throw (which is a nice little throw) and have a dollar to spare!

Unfortunately that’s something only you can answer. Looping yoyos may be cheaper but you’ll spend just as much as you would on a nice metal trying to find the perfect 2a yoyo for you.

The loop 900’s and unleashed are probably the most popular, but try out a few raiders or proyos as well.

I prefer the Unleashed over the 900 - they’re easier to adjust the gap. The Raider is good, but is heavy, and needs some nods to get the most out if it - I like mine with Loop900 spacers in it.

If you’re just trying to test out the waters - grab a pair of Shinwoo Loops - they’re $10 each, so you can get the pair for under $25. They’re real good, and then you can see if you like 2A or not.

Get a pair of raiders, mod them, and practice for at least 6 months to be good at basic looping and hop the fences, I’m not kidding here. I’ve found too many people say, “Man, I can’t loop forever” while he has only spent less than a month…
I mean come on…

I somewhat agree. I feel for me it’s gonna take more than 6 months. After 3 months of near daily working at it, I’m getting OK with 3 loops with my dominant hand. But I’m in no hurry, what happens will happen when it’s supposed to happen. I WANT to learn this, so I’m driven! Even if it takes me a couple of years, I will be able to do 2A!

I totally agree. It took me about a month to learn how to loop. It eventually just clicked. Now that I’m about four months in doing 2A on and off I can do about 20 loops with my dominant hand and around 7 with my non dominant. I still can’t loop with both hands together. I started with Duncan Proyos and then I moved up to Shinwoo Loops. I think once I can consistantly loop two handed I will uprade to a pair of loop 900s.

Ok thanks I think I’ll be getting the shinwoo loops can you tell me much about them?

I can’t tell you too much about them because I’ve only tried two looping yoyos. They do meet your requirements though. The have a ball bearing and spin for around twenty seconds. They use a Shinwoo response. It’s basically double the size of an o-ring and has these little ridges near the center to provide good response.

I would also recommend buying some thick lube with it because sometimes it may start turning unresponsive or not come back as easily as usual and you might want to put some of it in.

I got one for my kid. She chose to take it apart and lose a spacer. Fortunately, it works with Duncan spacers as well. It’s decent, but it’s not amazing. True, for $20, you can get a pair and get into 2A, so from that point of view, they get the job done. But, seriously, I am not trying to overly-push my opinions, but I do have the Unleashed and I like it a LOT better. But, we’re talking nearly twice the price as well.

Can you tell me more about the unleashed?

Foxes ears perk up

2A player here, and I can offer some advice on some 2A yoyos mentioned.

First of all, loop 900s. I used these quite a bit, and there are some great advantages to them for the beginning looper. The adjustable gap is a nice touch and can be great for helping a beginner find the perfect balance of upward or downward loops with the spin that they want and the speed that is desired. The issue I have with them however, is that they seem to lose their consistency over time. This can get frustrating as they start to slip on loops, or loose their grip, or not spin as long due to tightening the gap to maintain smooth loops.

Unleashed. These are nice, great weight to them, and very long spin times thanks to the way the gap is set. Also feel very durable. Issue I have with these, is that they have a somewhat fixed gap, you can loosen it, but at its tightest setting, it maintains a slightly upward loop, and while you can adjust, for someone learning, it may cause some issues. Also, the unleashed doesnt flip as well as a 900 during loops in my experience.

Raiders: These are my fave yoyos for 2A, and are great for learning, but their is a large issue, and that is the modding. If you find a set that are modded well, you will do fine, but modding these yoyos is very precise, and getting something even slightly off will result in a pair that doesnt work as well as it could, and this could cause issues when learning. Shape and weight wise, its perfect, and when finely tuned, these things rock and as you have seen through the years of competition, it still remains the most dominant yoyo of choice for 2A play. Just a matter of getting ones that are well modded. Or doing it yourself, which through trial and error can be a hassle.

Shinwoo Loops. I owned a pair of these, and these are actually quite nice, but the issue with them, is that for one, they arent as durable, I feel as if they could crack if hit too hard. And also, they lack consistency. I bought 3 pairs a while back to test, and I noticed that some had tight gaps, some had loose, some could spin on the end of the string for quite a while, while others could not so well. By mixing and matching, I found a pair that worked well together, but obviously, this is a hassle and drain on budget.

All 2A yoyos have their pros and cons, at this stage, I would say just go for whatever you feel looks nicer. If you really get into it, you will end up owning many of these different pairs at some point, happens to all of us.

Good luck in your 2A journey! Nice to see more getting into the style.
Keep it up!



I agree raiders are a great choice…if you can get a pair that is already modded. I tried my hand at modding a pair a few months ago and was…somewhat successful.

One turned out perfectly…the other ended up being overtightened too much.

Maybe you should pick up a pair of Raider Ex’s, they come with a variety of different sized spacers which you can use to adjust the gap to your liking.

I’m not too familiar with them though…modded raiders might be better. It may just be a preference thing.

Speed Beatles. If you have never looped, these are the absolute best. cheap, and reliable

The problem with speed beetles, is that they wear out the pads way too quickly, meaning that you have to constantly replace them, and they flip too quickly, which can make things very confusing for someone once they move on to more advanced 2A yoyos out of the beginner stage.

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Couldn’t of said it better myself, but I had the same impression when I started looping Johnny.

Speed Beetles were super easy to loop with. They’re just not reliable in the long run and do, as Jayyo said, get out of control pretty quickly.

no one mentioned sunset trajectories? odd
If you can find a pair of those on the b/s/t, they’re great. Grant Johnson swears by 'em.
I would write about how the 900s, unleashed, raiders, etc are good, but people kinda already did that enough for me. haha

I think the reason no none mentions them is because they are very hard to come by, being discontinued and all…