What do you use for looping?

Right now I’m using a pair of Yomega Raiders and hope to pick up a pair of YoYoJam Sunset Trajectories and loop 720

Those are both two great yoyos!

Which ones? I put up 3 yoyos.

Haha. Sorry. The ones you plan to pick up.

Yeah. Don’t get me wrong I think raiders are good for 2A put I’m getting some other ones to experiment with ;D

Raiders are ok, but once you get better, you need a new one that can spin longer. :wink:

I totally agree! :wink: :smiley:

Maybe I’ll use some speed beetles…

Those are cheaper, but they are still great.

Be prepared to pick up a lot of friction stickers.

NXG’s own for looping!

720’s are good as well.

i would defiantly get the Sunset. works great and is pretty cheap. later.

keep it spinning

I was thinking about starting to loop, and the expert at my store told me to get a Pro-yo by Duncan. I know it’s not that great, but right now I’m just learning how to loop and want a good value. Should I get 2 Pro-Yos or something else?

I have a Sunset Trajectory NXG, Speed beetle, and a Loop 720. 3 different response types-string stickers o rings- but i really like the loop 720, it may be that it looks cool, but it’s really smooth , not too responsive so it cant sleep but not unresponsive. But’s it’s loud… ;D

Honestly? A pair of Duncan Imperials. If I’m feeling particularly saucy, the No Jives come out.

I use 2 Duncan Speed Beetles. They are alright but they are definitely on the cheaper side. I primarily play 1A but I can sometimes get consistent loops with my right hand. If I ever learn to loop well, I’ll probably get 2 Sunset Trajectories. One thing I have noticed is that much of the yoyo market seems to be geared more toward 1A play over other styles. It appears to me that choices for looping yoyo’s are much more limited in comparison to string trick yoyo’s, but maybe I haven’t looked hard enough! I have heard Tom Kuhn manufactures some amazing looping yoyo’s but I have never tried any.

For Practicing, I use a pair of Sunsets with Throw Down red response rings,
but when I do shows, I use either Neon Orange Raiders, or Strobe Yo’s because they are easier to see

are your raiders modded or stock?

Mine are regular stock raiders but I want to learn how to mod them.

here is something that helped me

That was helpful. ;D

Also, check out  the famed Pat Cuatero’s guide to modding raiders!