2a yoyos?

I looking to get into 2a but not sure what pair of loopers to get. I have looked at Sunsets, Raiders, and Loop 720’s. I just want our opinion it doesn’t have to be those three I just want some suggestions. Also everywhere I looked for these yo-yos no one had them in stock, what should I do about buying them?

I chose raider Ex’s, because the gap can be adjusted via different sized spacers that come with it. I use the purple/purple for my right hand, orange/purple for my left hand. The bearing is decent, the response works, the weight/shape/size feels nice.
The only issue that I have is that the axle is a bit too long, so it gets stuck on one side if you use the smaller spacers. My yoyos are probably slightly over-tightened, but not as far as a “modded” raider. It is not broken. This stuck axle does not affect play, and can still be removed with pliers and force.
I like them and would pick them again, if I had to start over.

I have 2 Sunset Trajectories. They’re inexpensive, and with the o-rings and adjustable gap, they are fantastic right out of the box for beginners. At its smallest gap, these things are very, very responsive.

I see there are still some yellow ones in stock. I have one green, one yellow myself. Don’t know if people prefer different colors for different hands, but Grant Johnson won 2010 Nationals with a pair of yellow pair STs…

I don’t know about Raider EX’s, but i would not recomend Raiders.
I am Currently using 2 Raiders for 2a, and im not loving them.
They wear out really easily, and then their no good.
Even though Loop900s are kind of expensive for 2a, I would suggest those. I think they are suppose to be the #1 Looping Yoyo out there. But, honestly, you don’t need to start out with 2 $25 yoyos. If you are JUST Starting, then Loop720s, or Sunsets will do just fine. But I prefer the Loop720s.
I Hope this Helped!
-Cody Wright

Speed Beetles are pretty cool too. They’re lighter than the ones you mentioned, and cheaper. Could be fun. I only got to play with one of them once though. You could look at them too.

Right now I am leaning toward the Sunsets, I am not too fond of yellow but I guess I can deal with it. But I am still considering the Loop 720s. Does anyone have any idea when YYE will restock on Sunsets and Loop 720s?

Contact@yoyoexpert.com would probably know if anybody.
Or call (413) 551-9696.
If you feel old-school, send a letter to YoYoExpert.com/ PO Box 2276/ Amherst, MA 01004-2276.
All of this is in the “Contact” page at the top.

I would suggest LOOP 720’s or Limelights [Pulses/Speed Beetles with wooden axles (same model as “Orbs” before the production of the Speed Beetle)].

Just get some extra type 8 cotton or 50/50 string when you buy the yo-yos.


I would highly recommend the raider EX’s as well.

They loop very nicely, the shape and weight is perfect, spin times are great with its gap, and the adjustable gap allows you to find the width that works best for you.

Standard modded raiders are really good too if you do the mod correctly.
What Cody mentioned sounds like a poorly done raider mod. When done well, they will loop nice and smooth and be capable of anything you throw at it. (Just see how many world and national titles have been won on modded raiders just sayin.)

But if you are worried about doing the mod, the raider EX’s are the way to go.

And yes, some top placing 2A players are currently using EX’s
Example: Hiraku Fuji.


Just wondering why cotton or 50/50? I have like a hundred poly strings if that will do.

Josh, You do make a Point.
But, I did not Mod the Raiders. I don’t Mod any Yoyos at all. I have Never, Once in my Life, have Modded a Yoyo. Just Sayin’. :wink:
-Cody Wright

Poly easily snaps and practically burns due to the friction upon the string

Personally, I loved my Modded Raiders for 2A.

Otherwise I play on Sunsets or Speedles.