720 or sunset

i wanna get a looping yo-yo, but i don’t know which one to get, should i get the Sunset Trajectory or the Loop 720?

get one of each.
Yoyo’s, even for 2a, all depend on preference. And the only way your gonna develop that is get experience. I went with the Sunsets but I know many people that say you should use 720’s or raiders or any variety of throw. Choose one and see if you like it. Get another sometime and compare. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see you at worlds with some truly random, out of no where yoyo and be praising your name like people do for Mickey and Augie.

But seriously get one of each ;D

I would say the Sunset NXG or the Raider. By My preference the Loop 720 was the worst 2A yoyo EVER. But that is my preference.

you should really get a sunset because it has more control but it’s your choice that’s what I recommend! :slight_smile:

Sunset Trajectory NXG.

I really don’t recommend Raiders for beginners, It totally suited for advance players. Dangerous Modding, more maintenance.

(At least you know how to “Cow Wraps”. eh? :D)

sunset for sure, i sold my 720 for my sunset

I’d definitely get a pair of sunsets. They blow the 720’s away in my opinion.

Just don’t get raiders!

If you don’t mind buying silicone stickers for the speed beetle then those are the best looping yoyo out there to learn on.

Other than that it doesn’t matter.

If it was me, I’d get one of each–they’re inexpensive enough.

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Yes you can buy both, But the thing is can I see what you got eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure where you’re going with that…