Loop 720 or Sunset Trajectory?

(YoYoJoe27) #1

Ok, I just watched Zack and Cody Suite Life On Deck. And as every one knows Grant Johnson features on the Yo-Yo Competition episode. As I watched Grant I decided to try looping…looks like a lot of fun. Okay so to the main point of this post. What looping yo-yo should I buy Loop 720 or the Sunset Trajectory? I do not care about the cost… I just care about which one is better.

(Kei) #2

Wow this question comes up alot. Check out all the other post that asked the same thing.

I am getting kind of bored so I’ll stop there, but the list goes on and on. I found all of these by using the search button.


that does it


in my opinion sunset trajectory


LOOP 720 all the way. It is unique because it has string response. It doesnt have a silicon pad


(Kei) #7

Hey guys, you do know this post is a month old. You didn’t need to bring it back up. Not trying to sound rude. But YoYoJoe27 probably already made up his mind, and also I posted 9 other posts that said the same thing.