what looping yoyo should i get

hey guys,

i am looking for a best looper
can you suggest me what looper shoud i buy?
sunset? loop720?
please reply


There is no need for two threads that are exactly the same…

I couldn’t find the synonym thread. Link please.

Its all about preference. Loop 720 is known to be loud. Sunset can be tightened so bad into a up down yoyo, and can be unresponsive to do split the atom.

I recommend a sunset trajectory, or if you are willing to buy and maintain friction stickers, a speed beetle or a pulse.

I think he meant the Dv888, Frantic, or M1 threads.

Un-responsive to do Split the Atom? You don’t need an un-responsive Yo-Yo to do Split the Atom. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Loop 720 has a string response that has to be changed, depending how much you play.

Sunset Trajectory NXG’s are superior for looping. Very durable, trustworthy, cheaper, and in my opinion, more worth it. You never have to change anything. The o-rings might be needed to swaped out after they wear out.

Sunset Trajectory NXG all the way. :wink:

I recommend the Duncan pro yo.

The loop 720’s have some funky response.



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It says in you favorite yo-yo’s list that you have/tried a Sunset Trajectory. Then why are you asking us if you should buy a sunset? In your siggy it has a picture of an NXG in there? ??? Anyways… Go with the Loop 720, Sunset, or Speed Beetles

Loop900!!! You have tried it???
what are the differences between loop720 and loop900??
(Is it SOS response?)

Never tried a Loop 900, but it sounds promising.