I need help

I’m planning to buy either a pair of loop720 and a sunset trajectory for looping BUT I dont know which is better for a Beginner like me.

Which is much easier to use for looping?

I dont know much about maintaining a good, responsive yoyo so I need to know which is much easier to Maintain and to use…


Oh and I’m new to this site ;D

most people prefer the sunsets because of better play and some like the string response on the loop 720 but they need to be replaced every couple months i think but it all comes down to preference.i think you should probably start with some sunsets but its all up to you

What about the Duncan Bumble bee vs. Loop720 vs. Sunset trajectory??

i would prefer the sunset trajectory NXG. loop 720’s response will last only 6-7 months and it’s annoying to change it.
there is alot of topics about this
check the poll http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,324.0.html

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OK so its Decided then!! I Think I’ll but the sunset trajectory!!
Oh and sorry for creating the same thread ;D
Peace out!