loop 720 or sunset trajactory

which one is better and what are the pros and cons?

Loop 720s- Good Loopers, Works Pretty Well, Have to replace the string response (sometimes),

Sunset’s- No need more modding it (don’t need to replace anything), Easy to play, Loops pretty good, Awesome doing tanglers with.

Its all preference. But if I had to choose then I’d go with Sunset’s.

There is no better. It is all preference.

Loop 720: Fancy, cool colors, awesome response, are durable, would last long, good 2A Yo-Yo, response is almost easy to change. Features string response. Bad thing, is you have to replace your string response often, depending how much you use it.

Sunset Trajectory NXG: Superior for loopers, very durable, cheaper than Loop 720’s, more worth the price. You never have to change the response, and the only bad thing I’ve heard, is the feel is weird, and more flat for a (modified) imperial.

I like the ST’s better. :wink: