Loop 720 or Sunset NXG?

I’m starting to get into 2a and i’ve been looking for a better yoyo for this (right now I have a fireball I use) which yoyo should I get?

the sunset is one of the best yos Ive ever looped with. as for the loop 720 i have no idea how it plays. later and remember keep it spinning.

I’d say the 720 because yyf can’t be just playing with that string response system (really havent thrown one but i think I like the 720

i have to say Loop 720

Go with a sunset. Loop 720’s are good but in my opinion sunsets are just generally better. :slight_smile:

Have you tried both of them?

Just wondering, because I haven’t.

Try Sunset NXG,mabe if its better.I have one too.

Max =]

go with the sunset nxg, they are really good!!!