Loop 720 or Sunset NXG?

(Colerbird (FRIDGE)) #1

I’m starting to get into 2a and i’ve been looking for a better yoyo for this (right now I have a fireball I use) which yoyo should I get?


the sunset is one of the best yos Ive ever looped with. as for the loop 720 i have no idea how it plays. later and remember keep it spinning.

(DrSqueakers) #3

I’d say the 720 because yyf can’t be just playing with that string response system (really havent thrown one but i think I like the 720


i have to say Loop 720

(Connor) #5

Go with a sunset. Loop 720’s are good but in my opinion sunsets are just generally better. :slight_smile:


Have you tried both of them?

Just wondering, because I haven’t.


Try Sunset NXG,mabe if its better.I have one too.

Max =]


go with the sunset nxg, they are really good!!!