Next yoyo

What looping yoyo should i get Next…somewhere in the 30 dollars or less range for an intermediate looper that doesnt have a “real” looping yoyo ???

sunset trajectory if you don’t already have it.
It’s amazing my friend has it, and its really smooth to use for me.
It’s also 14 bucks

If you arte a begginer- Speed beetles 9$- And what i have- Loop 720 and sunset Trajectory, I use my sunset more because my Loop is fairly loud. Loop720 actualy loops better for me but isn’t as smooth as sunset.

yeh i have speed beetle, it’s great for begginers i learned a lot of tricks on them, it was my first.

I don’t suggest Speed Beetles because of the pads. However, I highly suggest using the NXG, or he Loop 720 :slight_smile: