begainer looper yoyo?????

hey if the yoyo is not on the list please reply and write it.
thanks alot ;D ;D ;D


shinwoo loop

YYJ Sunset Trajectory NXG

ok, either im going to buy 1 sunset or like 2 fire dogs, for 2a, or something cheap if im gona buy 2

nevr mind about the firedogs, most ppl say they cant even loop, not responsive

shinwoo loops are preaty cheap at 7 dollars

yoyomega raider isnt on there

I think that the BEST beginner looper is the speed beetle by Duncan. I’ve tried raiders, sunsets, relics and speedles and the speedles loop WAY better for me. This is because I don’t have a lot of controll with looping. The speedle will help you with that. Now when you get better then you will need to move to a more high speed looper like the sunsets.

sorry, i wouldnt go with speed beetle, friction stickers = no no
i love oring becuz i paintball and have like a bajillion orings
also i live multiple hours away from anywhere were friction pads are sold >:(


I have 2 pairs of them. I put Duncan silicone stickers on them and they are lasting for weeks so far. I use them at least 3 days a week. Try again.

i yoyo 5 days a week for hours, and i cant get a yoyo that you have to buy anything just to use it

duncan bumble bee and duncan speed beetle

God forbid your bearing goes out. Or your silicone fly’s out.

Silicone stickers are cheap and will last for a month or more.

Im thinking about getting a bumble bee for looping… Very good shape and the cork response probably lasts for ever

even if they last a month, i cant buy new ones every month,

Then I’d say Sunset… I think the yoyo will break before the O-rings do

What do you think of Sunsets vs Loop 720s? I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find much on it.

what what about stock raiders, with some thick lube ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

I pick speed beetle, because its smooth with the friction stickers when you loop.