Looping Yo-yo

Is it worth it to get a looping yoyo?
If so, Which one?
There seem to be a lot of looping tricks.


Why wouldn’t it be worth it? If you are gonna play with one, just buy one!

If you are willing to buy and replace lots of friction stickers, i HIGhLY recommend the Speed Beetle or Pulse. They are very responsive, and i like the feel of the response. Don’t get this if you are not willing to maintain this every now and then.

If you want a yoyo that doesn’t need any maintenence and plays exactly how it plays forever, get a Sunset Trajectory. The o-rings never need to be replaced.

Other good loopers are Raider EX’s and Modded raiders. You might want to get a Loop 720, but the response needs to be changed often i think.

I’m a beginner so I don’t know what friction stickers are-----What are they?
Thanks rsmod123.

They are these things: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/duncan/stickers/

They are used for response for certain yoyos. Learn more about response here: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/406-maintenance-response-types.html

Basically, they are quite … Whats the word… Frictiony! They are quite grabby, and i mean very grabby. They will make your yoyo very responsive, and very easy to return to your hand. This is a very important factor in looping, response.

However, the rubber friction stickers are out of stock. I think that silicone stickers will do just as well. Someone else has to say something about this, I’m not very sure about the sili stickers sorry :frowning:

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Sunset Trajectories. I have them and they rock. :wink:

Speed Beetles, But they do require pad changing

If you are new to loop, IMO use Duncan Imperial for Two-handed looping practice.
But In tricks here, Modded Raiders is perfect.

Sunset Trajectory is ok.
And also Loop 720 is ok.

New to looping? Ask Jayyo! ;D

Sunset Trajectories.

I have no problems with them. Besides it plays really good. You don’t have to keep wasting money on Friction Stickers and string for the Speed Beatles, Pulse, and Loop 720’s.

You’ve made your point SR. You don’t need to quote him without adding anything to the conversation.

Dont get the Speed Beetles I have three and all of their axles have are loose. Get a Sunset Trajectory, they are great.

Sunsets are good, but I think the string response in the loop 720s looks really neat…


You can get them at walmart for about 2-3 dollars and their nice to start with… I think I have one or two laying our and I do one hand loops every now and then…

sunset’s are nice.

Thanks guys----I think I’ll go with the Sunset Trajectory.

If i were you (Not Arguing ;))
I will buy a Pair of Yomega Raiders & A set of 4 plastic spacers.
Even though the risk in modding it cause (if failed) the Raiders will get broken.
If you will follow my advice, Pray before you will do your modding raiders or send it to Jayyo
and he will do the mod for your Raiders.

hope it helps!