better for starting 2A

speed beetle’s or pulses?

help! :wink:

well,they are the same thing,just one has lights,and the friction sticker response wont last too long so I recomend raiders or sunset trajectory

why gm user?
if the friction stickers is needed to change, but i only peel it of, and no friction stickers at all, the yoyo
won’t come back anymore?, am i right?

i agree with gm user sunsets and raiders are better than duncan’s looper

no,it wont come back anymore,well not enough for the few extra bucks and get a sunset or raider

Support YYE. Sunset.

our of those 2, the speedles would be more practical.

But I would probably go and get something a bit better like some Raider EXs or Sunsets.

If you are very new to 2A, see if you can find some shinwoo loops.

Very nice and cheap 2A yoyo.

And as always, for more 2A info,

Good luck!


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can a fireball do all those tricks that andre teaches in the learn section?
hop the fence, vertical loops, tangler etc.?

I fireball can do most of those tricks. It might have some troubles if you do some longer sleeping tricks. But I have heard it’s great to learn looping. At the same time a sunset or a raiderEX will work out fine.

And you CAN do a regular raiders mod to a Fireball. I belive it will work out fine sith some plastic spacers and a size A bearing.

Addment: My advise is like a pile of something in comparison to Jayyo’s advise.