which 2a yoyo

i dont know which 2a yoyo to invest in i like light yoyos

i prefer modded raiders.

o can you send me a link so that i can look at them

When it is modded, they basically just crush the gap to make it more responsive.

Raiders are heavier than most loopers. I recommend the Sunset Trajectory, and if not, The Loop 720.

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thanks for the link it seams to be a nice yoyo

thanks i like that the sunset trajectory has a o ring response


I personally like Speed Beetles. They are probably some of the lightest loopers around, being lighter than the 720 and the ST NXG.

I just like them, even though they are duncans, because of their response, even though you need to replace the response. With new response, it plays excellent, better than ST NXG’s in my opinion. They are just so responsive and come back with a slight slack. ST’s have a strange feeling imo, the o-rings just rub on the string and vibe it before returning to your hand, instead of snapping back to your hand like the beetles. Never tried 720’s though. Thats just my opinion, i recommend going to a store and trying them out.


Speed Beetles are light and fast loopers. However, in my opinion they’re a little too high-maintenance to be first-time 2A yo-yo’s, as opposed to Sunsets. I think they’re great players right out of the box, and you never really have to do anything to them. Just my opinion though.

Schooly, just get whatever you think you would have fun with the most. There is no “wrong” choice. As your yoyoing gets better, you will begin to develop personal preferences. You alway have to start somewhere, so go with what you feel would be the best choice. Also, remember to have fun!

Raiders are great for looping IMO.

Yeah i guess thats true, don’t get speedles if you are not willing to replace stickers every few weeks/days ;D If you don’t want any maintanence, get a sunset, the o-rings never need to be replaced.

I really like modded raiders for 2A.

I have tried many 2A yoyos and out of all of them, the raiders just seem to play the most balanced and smoothest at loops.

They are a tad heavier than NXGs making them maybe loop a tiny bit slower, but for learning this is great, and the spin times are wonderful.

If you want to see some more info on other 2A yoyos and other info on 2A in general, check out my 2A website:

Good luck!


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