Best 2a Yoyo

Which 2a yoyo do you think is the best? You have until sunday. Post the top 5.

Sunset Trajectory

You could have put that in your original post.

Modder Raiders,
Sunset Trajectory,

nevur tried one but how about the blind orbiter by dif-e-yo, is it any good? (im assuming its a looping yo due to the shape) ::slight_smile:


so far, i like the sunset trajectory.

Modded Raiders, and Loop 720s.

firedog, relic, speed beetle, yomega raider, fireball, and throwman




my saber raider is amazing!

For me, Modded raiders have always been the best.

I have tried pretty much every 2A yoyo and the raiders seem to be the smoothest, and most balanced loopers out there.

This is my opinion though, others may differ.

The Blind orbiter is not a very good 2A yoyo.
it has a strange weight and tends to not flip correctly.
That, and metal isnt really a good material for a 2A yoyo.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


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As Jayyo Said.
Modded Raiders also.
aslo ok sunsets.
i have try them both just borrowing…

hey Jayyo can ALL kind of “Raiders” (i mean special color raiders, as long as it is a raider, can it be CRANKABLE?, i mean in your mod raider video, can all kind of Raiders can be crank?)

I’m changing it. In the past, people have tried this, but it didn’t work because people couldn’t get all the yoyos on. So just give me suggestions, top something will make it into the semi-finals, then we all vote.

I’m a fan of speed beatles, pulses, and loop 720’s. But world champions have been using modded raiders for YEARS.

I like siliconed Sunset Trajectories.

Only 6 more hours