Best Looper?

I’ve tried 2A before, and I loved it, I can loop with both hands at the same time.
So I’m wondering what the best looper is.
Right now, I’m leaning towards Raiders or Sunset NXGs.
I don’t really have any prefrences for 2A, so I’m wondering all of your opinions.



Both are great, but modded raiders are better!

I mean, which is better stock.

I heard good things about Loop720, you should check it out.

I would say sunset. Loop720 has some problems with the response dying quickly.

response dying quick?its polyester string.Anyway I like sunsets better.

I’m probably going to get a couple of Raiders and get Yoshi (Not the one on yoyoexpert) to mod them.Or get the mod deal on YYN.

u need plastic spacers to mod I think

Modded raiders work better for me than sunsets.

Both are nice yoyos, but the modded raiders just feel right.

If you get a chance, try both.
You may like one over the other.

Good luck!


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yup modded raiders are damn smooth

Sunset Trajectories or Loop 720s, which ever preference you prefer. Those two are the better loopers to most professionals. However, as you have seen above, some people like Speed Beetles, Pulses, and Raiders, but it’s the feel you like.

But when I went to the yoyo store, the guy there told me that loop 720 is more for novice players and did not recommend me getting one as he said that I would need to upgrade to a better one sooner or later. Instead, he recommended a Sunset Trajectory and said that it was better.

A ton of professionals use a Loop 720. It is a “novice” to “master” yoyo.

I don’t like the stringy response. There has been reports of fraying too fast.

At the same time, there has been reports of it lasting really, really long. And it’s easily replaceable.